BEH Clinical Strategy

BEH Clinical Strategy

Higher quality, safer care for all

The Barnet, Enfield and Haringey (BEH) Clinical Strategy was implemented in 2013 to improve health services for local people in the three boroughs. 

In November 2013, North Middlesex University Hospital launched its new maternity unit to provide modern maternity services for the people of north and east Enfield and Haringey. In December 2013, it expanded its accident and emergency services to receive ambulance cases from north Enfield for the first time. 

Our video animation - Our Hospital: The Story So Far - gives an excellent overview of how services at North Middlesex University Hospital have improved as a result of the strategy. 

The development of the BEH Clinical Strategy

The content below is a historic record of the changes to NHS services in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey as they were planned and implemented across the three boroughs. 

The BEH full business case set out the strategy and its benefits. These included:  

  • improving access to services at GP surgeries and in the community
  • expanding and redeveloping emergency services at Barnet and North Middlesex hospitals
  • expanding and redeveloping maternity services at Barnet and North Middlesex University hospitals, including developing new midwife-led units at each
  • developing urgent care services at Chase Farm Hospital, including assessment centres for children and older people
  • expanding planned surgery at Chase Farm Hospital.

As part of the planned changes, A&E, children’s inpatient care and maternity delivery services moved from Chase Farm to Barnet and North Middlesex hospitals which now have larger teams and better facilities to provide higher standards of care. The video below, produced in summer 2013, explained how the plans would work. 


What the changes mean for patients

The chief benefits of the BEH Clinical Strategy for patients are: 

  • More senior doctor availability. Senior doctors make better and faster decisions, especially important for patients with life-threatening illnesses.
  • More choice about how you give birth. New midwife-led units at Barnet and North Middlesex hospitals are giving more women the choice of giving birth in a home-from-home environment.
  • Investment of £114.6 million in new facilities, bringing hospitals up to modern standards.
  • Better access to care outside of hospital, with more services available at GP surgeries and in the community.
  • Better training opportunities for junior doctors.

Clinicians believe that the changes to hospital services were necessary to improve patient care. 

Implementation of the BEH Clinical Strategy was planned for November 2013 and this was agreed by the local Clinical Commissioning Groups in September 2013,

The information below was published in summer 2013 to help explain the background and benefits of the BEH changes.

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