Foundation trust

Foundation trust

This page has information about our plans to become a foundation trust,  our public consultation,  how to become a member and how to contact our foundation trust membership office. 

Working in partnership – a consultation on our proposals for foundation trust status

North Middlesex University Hospital has recently undergone the biggest transformation in its history. Over £200 million has been spent on new buildings and new services in the past four years and we now provide high quality healthcare for more people than ever before.

We are proud of the journey we have been on with all the people who work with us, our patients and our local community. 

Becoming a foundation trust is our next great opportunity and a really important step for all of us. We believe achieving foundation trust status will:

  • enable us to work more closely with our patients and local communities
  • strengthen and embed relationships with our staff
  • provide greater freedom to innovate and develop our services

Ultimately, becoming a foundation trust will support our continuing development and improvement as an organisation, and as a result of being a foundation trust we will become a membership organisation made up of staff, patients and our local population.

We believe that becoming a foundation trust will result in real benefits for patients, staff and our community.


Our public consultation 

We carried out a 12 week public consultation into our plans to become a foundation trust from 27 May 2014 to 19 August 2014. This has now ended and we are about to publish the results. 

Members of the public and staff had the opportunity to tell us their views by:   

  • responding to the questionnaire in our foundation trust consultation document   
  • responding to the online questionnaire on our special foundation trust consultation website at  
  • attending one of  four public consultation events held in Enfield and Haringey and attending staff consultation events held at the hospital. 

We met with a wide range of individuals and groups, from members of the public to community group representatives and other healthcare organisations, to discuss our plans. We will publish our response to the consultation shortly. 

The responses we received to the consultation are vital to us. Everything you told us will help shape our plans for the future and refine our governance proposals for when we submit our final application to Monitor, the regulator for foundation trusts, to be authorised as an NHS foundation trust.

We might not be able to make all the changes that people suggest, but we will consider every piece of feedback carefully and with an open mind. 

What is a foundation trust?

A foundation trust is a type of organisation that offers significant opportunities for patients and members of the public to get involved in how it is run.

They have more financial freedom than other NHS trusts and are regulated in a different way. They continue to provide all clinical and non-clinical services free at the point of use. As part of the NHS they are subject to NHS standards performance ratings and systems of inspections.  However, they differ from existing NHS trusts in some important ways.

Foundation trusts:

  • are independent legal entities 
  • have different governance arrangements to NHS trusts as they are accountable to local people, who can become members and governors 
  • devolve decision-making from central government to local organisations and communities 
  • are not directed by government so have greater freedom to decide, with their members and governors, their own strategy and the way services are run 
  • can be more responsive to their local communities: anyone who lives in the areas they serve, works for the foundation trust, or has been a patient  or service user, can become a member
  • are regulated by Monitor

Benefits of foundation trust status

Becoming a foundation trust is a crucial step in achieving our vision to be recognised as an excellent healthcare provider for north London and beyond with thriving programmes of education and research.

It also supports us to become an organisation that is more embedded in its local communities.

Foundation trust status will demonstrate that the clinical services we provide meet the highest standards of quality and that the trust is a well governed organisation. It will also give us greater financial freedom to maintain and continue to develop and improve the state-of-the-art facilities that we have currently. This can only be good news for our patients and as well as continuing to provide quick, efficient and safe care, will help to ensure that:

  • our patients have a good experience of our healthcare 
  • we make best use of research and education to enhance our understanding of healthcare and develop a workforce which is highly skilled 
  • we further develop our facilities and equipment to provide an environment which is fit for purpose and gives patients confidence

Benefits for patients, public and staff

Achieving foundation trust status will have a wide range of benefits for our patients, our staff and our local community. These include:

  • delivery of service changes and improvements more quickly
  • greater patient and public involvement in service changes and the future strategic direction of the organisation
  • input to the running of the hospital via governors and the council of governors
  • improved communications with patients and staff and greater understanding of the issues facing the hospital
  • a greater voice for staff in the shaping of services on behalf of patients.

Benefits for North Middlesex University Hospital

Becoming a foundation trust will provide us with an opportunity to improve the way in which we provide healthcare for our local community. These include:

  • more independent decision making and associated action
  • greater opportunities to innovate and do things differently
  • greater ability to use financial freedoms to develop the trust more quickly
  • greater flexibility and ability to plan the future on a longer term timescale
  • change the dynamic in partnership working with commissioners
  • achieve a level playing field with neighbouring foundation trusts

Becoming a member

North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust is in the process of applying for foundation trust status.

A foundation trust is a type of NHS organisation that offers significant opportunities for patients and members of the public to get involved in how it is run by becoming members.

Why become a member? 

Membership of a foundation trust is an excellent way of becoming more involved in the way that healthcare works.

Becoming a member gives people more of a say in how the trust is run. Members are able to:

  • vote in elections for the council of governors, or stand for election as a governor
  • give opinions on plans for the future direction and development of the trust
  • attend key meetings and events 
  • receive regular information about the trust
  • convey their views to governors
  • act as ambassadors for the trust
  • access National Health Service discounts.

Having an engaged and effective membership will enable the hospital to ensure that we represent our patients, people and the local communities we serve, providing a real opportunity for people to get involved in the work of the hospital and influence the local healthcare landscape.

Membership is free and open to all those over the age of 16 provided that they meet the membership criteria.

As a member you can choose how often and to what extent you want to be involved. You will be asked to indicate which level of membership you would like to have when you join. As a member you can change your level of membership at any time.  You can be informed, involved or active: 

  • Informed: you receive information about important developments
  • Involved: you receive information and occasionally get involved in events and surveys
  • Active: you receive information and regularly get involved in events and surveys, plus activities such as volunteering. You may also consider becoming a governor.

How do I apply for membership?

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the membership office - see contact details below. 

Please note that if you are currently an employee of our trust, you do not need to fill out the membership form - our proposals state you will automatically become a member, although you can opt out if you wish to. 

Membership events

We will publish details of events for members on the news pages of this website, in the hospital magazine, All Points North and on Twitter @NorthMidNHS.   

Contact us

If you have any queries about our foundation trust application that you can’t find answered here, or to become a member, please contact our foundation trust (FT) membership office: 

  • freephone: 0800 028 6394 
  • FT membership office, Trust headquarters, North Middlesex University Hospital, Sterling Way, London N18 1QX 

Page last updated: January 2018