Car parking at the hospital

Car parking at the hospital

Which car park?

The hospital has three pay and display car park – see the hospital site map.

Your route by car to the hospital depends on which car park you want to use:  

The main car park entrance is in Bull Lane. It is next to the hospital’s main entrance and next to A&E. The main car park is for A&E, outpatients and all services except maternity unit services. All parts of the hospital can be reached on foot from here.

The GP blood tests unit car park has only a few short stay parking spaces and is for GP bloods tests unit users and anti-coagulant clinic users only and for drop off. Its entrance is in Bridport Road. 

The maternity unit car park has only one entrance, which is in the westbound approach road (Sterling Way) of the A406 North Circular Road. The maternity unit car park is only for the use of maternity unit service users. 


The charges for use of the car park (including VAT) are:

    Up to 1 hour  -  £2
    Up to 2 hours - £3
    Up to 3 hours - £4
    Up to 4 hours - £5
    Up to 5 hours - £6
    Up to 6 hours - £7
    Up to 8 hours - £8
    5-24 hours    - £15

All visitors must park in one of the pay and display car parks.

Special parking arrangements for some patients and next of kin

If you are a patient, or their next of kin driving the patient in, and you are attending the hospital on a regular basis (four times or more per week), you may be able to obtain a parking discount form from the service or ward manager. For example:   

•           A patient attending oncology or radiotherapy outpatient clinics for regular treatment may be able to obtain authorisation for free parking for the time that treatment is being received.  

•           The parent or main carer of children admitted to a children's ward, or the paediatric day unit for whole day infusions, will be able to obtain free parking from the department on request. 

•           Pregnant women who are in established labour or who have an emergency (or their partners who have driven them to hospital) and mothers with babies admitted to the neonatal department may be able to obtain authorisation to park free in the maternity car park during the time specified by the respective department. The clinic clerk or receptionist will be able to advise you.

Carers' passport benefits:  parking for £1 a day 

We are the first hospital to introduce a carers' passport scheme for carers who are supporting vulnerable patients while they are in hospital and who are regular visitors to the ward. Carers' passports enable the carer to visit outside normal visiting hours for the duration of the patient's stay here and to benefit from discounted parking charges at £1 a day.  The carer also gets free drinks while they are on the ward.  

If carers of vulnerable patients haven't been offered a carer's passport by ward staff, they can obtain one by speaking to the ward manager.

Carers’ passports are valid for seven days and must be renewed weekly if the patient stays for longer. 

To obtain their £1-a-day parking ticket, carers’ passport holders should first park, then go to the hospital cashier's office with their valid carers' passport and car registration details where the £1 day ticket will be issued to them. It must be displayed on the front windscreen of their car. The cashier's office is near the main entrance, on level 0. Please ask at main reception for directions.      

 Page last updated November 2016