Map of hospital and area

Map of hospital and area

This page includes a map of the area and a map of the hospital site and neighbouring roads. At the foot of the page is a description of how to find your way around the hospital and a diagram explaining how our buildings are interlinked.  

Google Map of area - link to map

Hospital maps

Hospital map (low res for fast download) pdf to download / prin

How to reach the hospital by car – directions to our three visitors' car parks.

Finding your way around the hospital

Our hospital has five interconnected buildings: our main building, the tower, Pymmes building, podium and our new maternity unit. There are also some other buildings that stand alone around the edge of our site, like our trust headquarters and our anti-coagulant blood tests clinic.
Finding your way around the hospital is easy once you know how. It's possible to walk between all five interconnected buildings on one level. We call this level 0. You will see "levels" being used on signs throughout the interlinked buildings and in the lifts. The hospital site slopes down from the main entrance at the "front" to the "back" where the tower, Pymmes building and the new maternity unit are located. The external entrances to these buildings are on a lower level, level -1. The highest level in the hospital is level 8 in the tower. The diagram at the foot of this page shows how the levels work.

The main building, main entrance, outpatients and A&E 

The main entrance of the hospital – which most patients use – is on level 0 of the main building. Main reception is by this entrance, This area of the main building is known as the atrium. We hold lots of events and activities here for patients and staff. During the day our friendly reception staff will be able to provide directions to all departments. Outpatients reception is also on level 0, close to the main entrance. A&E has its own separate external entrance on level 0, by Bridport Road. Children's outpatients is on level -1. You can reach level -1 by lift or stairs from the atrium. There is also an east entrance to the main building (not shown on the diagram below) at level -1.  


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