If you are pregnant

Women who develop diabetes during pregnancy (known as “gestational diabetes”) do not need to attend for a diabetic eye test.

Women who had a diagnosis of diabetes before they became pregnant, require screening more frequently during pregnancy, as diabetic retinopathy can develop for the first time or worsen more quickly.  

Because of this, eye screening is usually carried out at the first antenatal check and again at 28 weeks of pregnancy. Some women will also be screened when their pregnancy reaches 16 to 20 weeks (particularly women who showed some signs of diabetic retinopathy on their first set of photographs).

Please remember, it is important to attend screening as soon as possible after your pregnancy has been confirmed. If you have not received diabetic eye screening during the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy, please click here to contact us. 

Want more information?

Click the link for: NHS leaflet about diabetic eye screening during pregnancy

If you would like additional information, please contact the screening programme. 

Page last updated: January 2018