Diversity scorecard - our equality reports

Diversity scorecard - our equality reports

 Diversity scorecard – our equality reports

Understanding and supporting individual differences will help every staff member reach their own potential and contributes to the delivery of the trust’s strategic objectives;

To do this we need to have an in-depth understanding of the effect of our workplace culture, policies, practices and procedures on our staff. Collating and analysing data on our staff by protected characteristics (Diversity Scorecard) provides a good starting point to develop this understanding. It provides us with a robust evidence base to identify any differences in outcomes for different staff groups.

Our workforce profile will be analysed across nine protected characteristics and triangulated against key employee relations (bullying and harassment, grievance, disciplinary, sickness absence, employment banding, turnover and recruitment and selection).

Our workforce data will form part of the equality information we will collate, monitor and publish to help us meet our responsibilities under the new duty and ensure equality considerations are reflected in our employment practices and policies.

We have a duty to publish information relating to persons who share a relevant protected characteristic who are other persons affected by its policies and practices.

North Middlesex University Hospital's latest  data report is here

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