Equality analysis

Under the general equality duty, we are required to analyse the effect of existing and new policies and practices in relation to equality. This can include the use of equality impact assessments.

What is equality analysis?

Public authorities are responsible for making a wide range of decisions, from the contents of overarching policies and budget setting to day-to-day decisions which affect specific individuals.

Equality analysis is a way of considering the effect on different groups protected from discrimination by the Equality Act, such as people of different ages. There are two reasons for this:

  • to consider if there are any unintended consequences for some groups
  • to consider if the policy will be fully effective for all target groups.

It involves using equality information, and the results of engagement with protected groups and others, to understand the actual effect or the potential effect of your functions, policies or decisions. It can help you to identify practical steps to tackle any negative effects or discrimination, to advance equality and to foster good relations.

Comprehensive guidance on equality analysis can be found on the Equality and Human Rights Commission website

North Middlesex University Hospital is currently reviewing the equality analysis process.  

Page last updated September 2016