Equality standard

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) as regulator will seek evidence on equality and diversity performance in regard to the Well-Led Domain. There is a requirement that evidence is drawn from a range of sources to identify trends related to protected characteristics.

We value people’s achievements and respect equality and diversity. Our commitment extends to ensure equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice both in the provision of services and in our role as a major employer. Our patients, staff and services, are in many respects the driving force of the organisation and will help us meet our responsibilities to equality and diversity.

We are giving our staff and services a toolkit to help carry the values of equality and diversity into everyday patient care and their work with the trust.

The Equality Standard will:

  • provide a framework for embedding equality and diversity;
  • help the trust meet its legal and regulatory obligations to equality and diversity;
  • integrate SMART equality objectives;
  • encourage engagement with stakeholders, inviting challenge and involvement associated with service improvement and accessibility
  • identify our performance and raise standards in equality and diversity practice across the trust and
  • provide a basis for tackling all forms of unlawful discrimination.

Equality standard guidance here

You can view North Mid's Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) Strategy 2015-2018

Page last updated: September 2016