About us

What we offer?

We offer expectant mums a great birthing experience and choice: from  birth at home or in our fabulous new maternity unit. Our experienced staff will guide you on what's right for you. Our beautiful £21 million maternity unit, opened by Princess Anne, includes:     

 a new eight-bed, midwife-led birth centre with four birthing pools, all rooms ensuite with TV and double beds for partners

 an 18-bed consultant-led unit with senior consultant obstetric cover

 two dedicated operating theatres with recovery suites and high dependency care facilities

 a modern neonatal unit with 28 neonatal cots

 a modern maternity day unit

 a dedicated maternity triage area

• a spacious outpatient area for antenatal gynaecological and scanning appointments.

How to refer -  antenatal booking

For your first appointment, mums-to-be can self-refer or your GP can refer you. Our new bookings and referral line is 020 8887 3055  or by email at:   Click baby to access a referral form » Self referal form

What choices of antenatal care are available? 

 midwife-led care in a community setting - see community midwifery services below

 shared care between hospital obstetricians, midwives and GPs

 consultant-led care in the hospital

What choices of birth are possible?

 home birth

 midwife-led birth centre at the hospital

 consultant-led birth centre at the hospital

What postnatal care will I get?

 early transfer home from hospital where possible

 home visits

 postnatal clinics

When in labour

If you are in labour or concerned about your pregnancy, please call the triage service on 020 8887 3682

We have the following specialist midwives in our team:

 consultant midwife for normal birth

 consultant midwife for public health (for home births)

 specialist midwives for women with diabetes

 specialist midwives and team for women with HIV

 specialist midwives and team for women with high body mass index (BMI) 

 breastfeeding specialist midwife

 bereavement midwife

 antenatal and newborn screening specialist midwife

 safeguarding team with specialist midwives for vulnerable mums

 dedicated midwife for vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC)

 dedicated specialist pregnancy / medical team

Women who need consultant-led care will be booked under a named consultant who will create an agreed care plan that is tailored to their specific needs.

We can now offer the privacy of an amenity room

An amenity room is available to NHS patients who wish to pay for the privacy of a single ensuite room in our maternity ward, rather than sharing a bay with up to three other women. There are two sizes of amenity room - large and normal - and they can be booked when you arrive on the ward or in advance (subject to availability), However, occasionally your room may be required for a woman who, for clinical or other exceptional reasons, needs to be segregated from the main ward and cared for in a separate room. If this happens, we will relocate you to an alternative room or open ward area. Your "amenity bed" payment will be refunded. We may also relocate you from an amenity room to an open ward area if either you or your baby becomes unwell, as this enables our staff to keep you both under closer observation and ensure you receive appropriate care.  


The cost of amenity rooms are as follows:

  • Large amenity room – £180 per day. These rooms have ensuite facilities.  We have two large amenity rooms
  • Normal amenity room –  £150 per day. These rooms have ensuite facilities.  We have six normal amenity rooms. 

*** Please note: payment is for the room only and does not constitute private midwifery care or private medical treatment. You will be cared for by the same medical staff as NHS patients.


An amenity room booking form can be completed on arrival at the maternity ward. The form will request your payment details. Rooms will be charged per each day’s use. Payment will be taken when you leave for the number of days the room has been used.

Community midwifery services

Our five community midwifery teams provide care for women in Enfield and Haringey in the local community, especially if there are no complications or other risk factors, working from children's centres, health centres and GP clinics as well as our maternity unit. Please see team contact details below:

Enfield community midwifery teams:

Sunflower team 020 8887 4234

Poppy team 020 8887 4233

Tulip team 020 8887 4232

Haringey community midwifery teams:

Lavender team 020 3224 4422

Lilac team 020 3224 4421

Page last updated October 2015