Having your baby

We are delighted that all women can now choose where to have their baby, so that they can have the birth experience that is right for them.

We offer a full range of services for more than 5,000 women and families every year based in the hospital and community setting, ranging from specialist care for women who need closer monitoring, by our consultant-led teams on our state-of-the-art delivery suite, to our beautiful midwife-led birth centre with birthing pools or our community home birth service for low risk women with healthy pregnancies.

4,975 babies were born in the maternity unit at North Middlesex University Hospital in 2016/17. Over the last five years the numbers of babies born in the unit has grown by over 40%.



There are three birth settings that you can choose from:





       BIRTH CENTRE                                                   DELIVERY SUITE       AT HOME      



Many women who are having a straightforward pregnancy or low risk pregnancy (without medical or obstetric complications) will choose to give birth in our Midwifery-led Birth Centre or in their own home.


Of course, if you do not have a straightforward pregnancy - high risk pregnancy (with medical or obstetric complications) - you will be advised to have your baby on the consultant-led Delivery Suite at North Middlesex University Hospital as this is the best place for you and your baby to be closely monitored. 

If you're not sure about where you would like to give birth, your midwife will be happy to discuss.