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Director's shoes help Frank to go home

Director’s shoes help Frank to go home

Friday, January 5, 2018

When North Middlesex University Hospital's director of finance, David Stacey, went to a bed meeting to help improve patient flow, he never imagined his shoes would become a national talking point.        

But on hearing that a patient couldn't go home because he didn't have any shoes, David stepped up and gave away his own. 

A picture of the size eight lace-ups from Matalan which David kept as spares in his desk was posted on Twitter and within hours the kind gesture was attracting interest around the world.     


David Stacey - director of finance    Frank Stocksley

 David Stacey, director of finance       Frank Stocksley

David, 33, a father of one from south west London said: “I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I just thought, ‘I can help and I don’t even need the shoes because they are too big for me’." 

The patient - Frank Stocksley, 57, from Cheshunt - was delighted to receive them. He had been admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit a week earlier with a metabolic disorder, having been rushed in by ambulance without his shoes.   

He said:  “They’ve looked after me like royalty here but I’m really pleased to be going home and with a pair of shoes. But they are a bit posh for me, so I am planning to give them to charity as soon as I can because I want someone else to benefit from them.”

North Middlesex University Hospital chief executive, Maria Kane, said: “We’re delighted to have got Frank home. David's gesture is one of the many small acts of kindness by staff to patients every day. I'm very proud of them.”

David  added: “I didn't expect any of this attention. It was just a random act of kindness because I could help. They were a modest pair of shoes which I had in my desk drawer because of the weather and they were too big for me. I never expected anything more to come of it!"