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New film shows how operating theatre improvements benefit patients

New film shows how operating theatre improvements benefit patients

Thursday, August 23, 2018

In a new two-minute video, local father-of-three Costas Arpapi tells how recent efficiency improvements in North Mid's operating theatres have helped him back on the road to recovery.

Costas came to us in May 2018 for an operation to mend his Achilles tendon, and wrote afterwards:

"I would like to thank Henry Atkinson and the team for carrying out my secondary TA reconstruction yesterday to a satisfactory conclusion. I would also like to thank the team in the recovery unit for their care and support. Excellent care from start to finish. Please pass on my gratitude to all concerned.

I would also like to thank Mr Atkinson’s secretary for her efforts to assist. As always I can only praise the service I have received from North Middlesex hospital."

He was so pleased that he was happy to feature in a short video, explaining how recent efficiency improvements by staff in our operating theatres and other teams have resulted in a better clinical and personal experience.

He told us:

"From going in the morning, to seeing the first nurse who greeted me, right through to going to the theatre and aftercare, they were there, watching over you."

You can catch other improvements on our YouTube channel –

North Mid is on the up.