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Patients survey results heading in the right direction, but more progress needs to felt by patients

Thursday, July 2, 2020
The North Mid’s latest patient survey results show progress is being made but not all of the improvements in operational and clinical performance have been felt by patients.

NorthMid Board decides not to pursue full membership of Royal Free London group

NorthMid Board decides not to pursue full membership of Royal Free London group

Friday, October 5, 2018

At its meeting yesterday, the Board of North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust considered the case for proceeding to full membership of the Royal Free London (RFL) group. The Board unanimously decided not to pursue this option, but reconfirmed the Trust’s commitment to continuing as a clinical partner in the RFL group.

Trust Chair Dusty Amroliwala said:

“We engaged widely with our local communities, staff and their representatives, as well as other stakeholders such as our statutory partners, before considering this case for change. What we consistently heard is that, although they are supportive of the existing clinical partnership, they do not want us to move into full membership of the Royal Free London group.

“We also examined carefully the clinical and economic cases, and we found that neither supports closer convergence. On this basis, the Board resolved not to pursue full membership of the group.”

Trust Chief Executive Maria Kane said:

“Although full membership is no longer on the table, I am delighted that the North Mid Board today reiterated its continued commitment to a strong and productive clinical partnership with the Royal Free London group. We aim to develop this partnership so it delivers significant benefits for our local population, with clinicians working together to reduce unwarranted variation of clinical outcomes and share best practice.

“We know, of course, that North Mid cannot ‘sit still’ and must continue to tackle the challenges it faces. So, alongside our continued clinical partnership with RFL group, we will look to develop stronger relationships and joined-up working with a range of local partners, both on a population health basis, and case by case with local organisations to share efficiencies and mutually improve.”

She added:

“I would like to put on record, on behalf the Trust, that we are very grateful for the significant support the Royal Free has given to North Mid over the past couple of years, and that we will continue to work closely with RFL group on clinical programmes which benefit our patients.”