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Patients survey results heading in the right direction, but more progress needs to felt by patients

Thursday, July 2, 2020
The North Mid’s latest patient survey results show progress is being made but not all of the improvements in operational and clinical performance have been felt by patients.

Increased access to blood test service for children at North Mid thanks to extended opening hours

Increased access to blood test service for children at North Mid thanks to extended opening hours

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Patients and parents have praised new extended opening hours of the children’s phlebotomy service that have been introduced by the paediatric team at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust.

Children who are referred to the service by their GP would previously have had to come between 1pm-5pm on weekdays. Now with the service open between 9am-12pm as well as 1-5pm during the week, the longer opening hours give parents more flexibility about when to bring their children to the hospital.

On average, more than 40 patients used the afternoon-only service on a daily basis. There are similar levels of patients using the service with the longer opening hours, but are seen throughout the day, indicating that they get seen sooner.   

Argentina Mirian Mauricio, a mother from Haringey whose eight-year-old son Leonardo has used the service regularly, said: “I’m glad that we’re now able to come in the morning for appointments as it’s much more convenient for me. We used to have to come in the afternoon but that would mean taking time off work.”

Dr Dhruv Rastogi, consultant paediatrician at North Middlesex University Hospital, said: “Extending the opening hours of our outpatient phlebotomy service was a natural step forward in improving the accessibility of our service. It’s more convenient for parents who may need to take time out of their day to bring their children to see us and means they can get the test done in the morning before going about the rest of their day.”