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Babies and families reunited through technology at North Mid

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Clinicians at North Middlesex University Hospital are reuniting babies in its neonatal unit with families thanks to technology.

North Mid launches charity appeal to support staff during coronavirus pandemic

Friday, April 3, 2020
North Mid has launched a dedicated 'North Mid COVID-19 Support Fund' to support staff to continue caring for the people of Enfield, Haringey and beyond at this challenging time.

North Mid partners with Whittington to launch MAIA midwives scheme

North Mid partners with Whittington to launch MAIA midwives scheme

Friday, November 2, 2018

North Middlesex University Hospital’s Maternity team is today (Friday 2 November 2018)  launching its MAIA team of midwives who will be piloting a joint venture scheme between North Mid and the Whittington hospital to provide pregnant women at Park Lane Children’s centre greater continuity of care from midwives throughout their pregnancy. 

Although the team will be providing antenatal care, they will also be working with Park Lane Children’s centre that provides a variety of services for families and vulnerable women during pregnancy. This may take the form of family support, social or psychological care and also offers better postnatal and perinatal mental health care.

North Mid’s MAIA midwifery team in collaboration with North Central London sector (NCL) of trusts, are part of an early adopter site piloting a change model for maternity services, as described in ‘Better Births’ to achieve continuity of care during pregnancy.  Every woman should develop a personalised care plan, with her midwife and other health professionals, which sets out her decisions about her care, reflects her wider health needs and is kept up to date as her pregnancy progresses.

The MAIA teams will offer antenatal and postnatal clinics and support mums throughout each stage in their pregnancy. Pregnant women will meet both North Mid and Whittington midwives, and will discuss their birthing plans, whether to have their baby at North Middlesex Hospital or the Whittington Hospital.

Many women who are having a straightforward pregnancy or low risk pregnancy (without medical or obstetric complications) and have chosen North Mid, can choose to give birth the hospital’s midwifery-led birth centre or in their own home.  Women who are considered high risk (with medical or obstetric complications) - will be advised to have their baby in the consultant-led delivery suite at North Mid.  Throughout their pregnancy they will meet regularly with the midwives and will get to form a bond of friendship and trust.

When eventually women go into labour, their midwife will travel to either the Whittington Hospital or North Middlesex to ensure continuity of care continues, by helping mums to achieve their birthing plan.

For more information about the ‘Better Births’ scheme or North Mid’s services visit 020 8887 4238 (Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm).

Note to editors.

‘Better Births’, the national review of maternity services was launched in 2016, and North Central London sector (NCL) of trusts, are part of an early adopter site piloting models of care, which is part of our ambition to achieve continuity of care during pregnancy.

The pilot sites have now been set up with representatives from commissioning, managers, service users, obstetricians and maternity leads from the NCL Trusts (UCLH, Royal Free/Barnet, Whittington, and North Middlesex). Their aim is to personalise care and work across boundaries carrying forward continuity of care during pregnancy.

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