Acute and General Medicine

Acute and General Medicine

The acute medical unit (AMU) provides for the rapid assessment, investigation and initial treatment of medical and elderly patients admitted to the hospital. Patients are referred to the AMU directly by GPs or following presentation and initial assessment in the A&E department. 

What we offer

  • the AMU and acute medical on-call teams are led by a consultant, present in the unit from 8am-8.30pm dail
  • a consultant will see all patients admitted to the AAU/AMU each day, along with all new admissions during twice daily ward rounds
  • patients over 75 are cared for by a dedicated acute care of the elderly team and consultant. 
  • the AAU concentrates on the first 12 hours after admission.  It may either discharge patients, or direct them to the short stay AMU or to a specialty ward
  • the AMU concentrates on the next 48 hours of inpatient stay - patients who require a longer stay in hospital move to a specialty medical bed 

In addition to the AMU we we have two units for patients who are unlikely to need admission to hospital, but who s till need same day assessment of acute conditions:

  • the ambulatory emergency care unit (AECU) is for patients who are mainly of working age. The service opened in a new dedicated area in 2015 next to AAU.
  • we also have a medical day hospital, mainly for frail, elderly patients which opened in its current new location in 2015

Key staff
Dr Maurice Cohen - clinical director for acute and general medicine physician for the elderly
Dr Anukkul Garg - consultant in acute medicine and endocrinology
Dr Ben Glickstein - consultant in acute medicine and  care of the elderly
Dr Bhagyashree Jayaraman - consultant in acute and respiratory medicine
Dr Roger Rear - consultant in acute medicine and cardiology
Dr Salman Sajid - consultant in acute medicine and renal medicine
Dr David Stanton - specialty lead for acute medicine
Dr Helen Ward - consultant in acute medicine.

AAU, AMU and AECU, main building, level 1.
Medical day hospital, Pymmes building, level -1.

How to refer 
Through a GP or doctor.

Contact us
AMU general enquiries                            020 8887 2213 / 2553
AECU general enquiries                            020 8887 3709 / 07436 032161

Contact us to cancel or change an appointment
or alternatively ring 020 8887 3663 / 3664 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)


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