Breast services

Breast services

Welcome to the North Middlesex breast unit where we offer a comprehensive breast service to both women and men of our local population.  The service we provide includes one-stop breast clinics, oncoplastic clinics,  family history clinics, stratified pathway follow-up clinics, open access,  modern surgical techniques, breast reconstruction, endocrine, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The breast clinic is held in a dedicated area of the hospital (location link) which also conveniently houses the imaging suite where mammograms and breast ultrasound scans are performed.

Women are also referred by the Edgware screening service to our breast unit.

The breast unit has three full time breast consultant surgeons (link) and a fourth surgeon that does one stop clinics, two consultant radiologists (link) and three consultant oncologists (link) all dedicated to the treatment of breast diseases and breast cancer.  We also have three breast care nurse specialists (link) who are the main link to our patients, are involved in their treatment journeys and are their advocates.

We are involved in education and host surgical trainees from the North East Thames deanery who are trained and mentored by our consultant surgeons.

The breast unit is passionate about delivering high standard quality of care.  Treatments are considered in a multi-disciplinary setting and are tailored to the need of individual patients.

The unit provides morning one stop breast clinics four days a week.  During this same appointment, you will have a breast examination, imaging if necessary in the form of an ultrasound, mammogram (xray of the breast), or both and a biopsy (needle test) if required.  This enables the majority of patients to leave the clinic with a diagnosis.  If you have a biopsy however, either a follow up clinic appointment will be arranged or the doctor will write to you with the results if it is not worrying.

Please set aside around two hours for these appointments.

Location of clinic: level 1, main building opposite the x-ray department.

At the North Middlesex Hospital we provide a comprehensive range of breast surgical techniques.  We also offer immediate and delayed breast reconstruction to patients who are advised to have mastectomies.  We perform implant reconstruction as well as autologous reconstruction using the Latissimus Dorsi (LD) muscle of your back.  If you are considering a DIEP) deep inferior epigastric perforator) reconstruction, this can be performed jointly at the Royal Free Hospital.

We also offer surgery on the other breast if symmetrisation is needed after cancer surgery.  This may involve either a breast uplift, lipomodelling, augmentation or reduction.

The majority of surgeries are performed as day cases which means that you go home on the same day as your operation.  For the more complex surgeries, you may stay overnight and go home the next day.

Our surgeons
Mr O Fafemi- clinical director for surgical specialities, consultant breast and general surgeon

Miss J Gahir – consultant oncoplastic breast and general surgeon

Miss B Pereira - consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon

Mr A Abeysekara – consultant breast and general surgeon

Mr S Ghali - consultant plastic surgeon (RFH)

Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy are given at the North Middlesex Hospital.  If you have breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy) for an invasive cancer, then you will be advised to have radiotherapy.  You may need to set about an hour for radiotherapy, but the session itself normally lasts for 10 minutes.  You may need to have radiotherapy every day (excluding weekends) for three weeks.

Chemotherapy is only given to patients who are considered at high risk of disease spread.  It is normally given through an intravenous infusion and the whole process may take  xx hours.  It is usually given every three week, for a duration of 6–8 weeks.  You will receive support from the chemotherapy nurses during this time.

Our oncologists
Dr G Anand –specialist in breast, lung and skin malignancies
Dr F Raja – specialist in breast and acute oncology
Dr H Chapman - specialist in breast

Breast clinic nurses (BCN)
We have dedicated breast care nurses who act as patient’s advocates.  They provide counselling to our patients, and provide invaluable emotional support that helps them through their treatments. 

Page last updated: February 2019