Cancer services

Cancer services

Our oncology department provides high quality cancer services in 10 specialties: breast, lung, upper gastro intestinal (GI), hepato pancreato billiary (HPB) meeting, colorectal and anal, skin, gynaecology, urology, haematology and a paediatric oncology shared care unit (POSCU). 

We are part of the London Cancer Network and we work closely with other London hospitals including Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals and the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. We share our expertise through multi-disciplinary teams and run joint clinics. Head and neck cancer services are based at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals. We provide children's cancer services in conjunction with Great Ormond Street and UCLH.  We run a successful cancer research and trials service.  

We provide a full range of diagnostic, radiotherapy and chemotherapy services. Our Helen Rollason cancer support centre provides complementary services –  one of only two such centres in London. Our new Macmillan Cancer Support Centre (opened April 2014) provides information, advice and support for patients, family, carers and friends. 

We provide both palliative and radical treatments in our purpose-built radiotherapy department, our newly refurbished and integrated chemotherapy day unit (CDU) and our dedicated oncology ward which includes an inpatient radioiodine suite. 

We  provide comprehensive radiotherapy and complex chemotherapy services, primarily to patients from Enfield, Haringey, Barnet, west Essex and surrounding areas. 

What we offer

Radiotherapy services
We provide a full range of the latest radiotherapy techniques having invested heavily in state-of-the-art linear accelerator technology in 2013. We provide image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT). These techniques combine 3-D imaging such as CT and X-ray with radiotherapy to deliver precise doses of radiation faster and with pinpoint accuracy.  

Chemotherapy services 
We provide chemotherapy services for adults and children, either as inpatients on our dedicated wards or as outpatients in our dedicated chemotherapy day unit.

Paediatric services  
We provide a paediatric oncology shared care unit (POSCU) for young people aged 16 and under. We work closely with the principal treatment centre at University College London Hospital (UCLH). 

Palliative care services
We provide palliative care services supported by a specialist team. 

Haemato-oncology and sickle cell
We have a large haematology department and work closely with UCLH and Great Ormond Street Hospital, where many of our team have joint posts. See haematology services for more information. 

Acute oncology services
We provide an acute oncology services to support patients with a cancer-related emergency or with a newly diagnosed cancer that has not yet been referred to an oncologist. 

Macmillan dietician services
Our team of two Macmillan oncology dieticians provide nutrition and dietetic care of cancer patients. 

Complementary therapy services
The Helen Rollason cancer support centre helps patients emotionally and physically by providing complementary therapy services such as massage. It is one of only two such centres in London. 

Macmillan Cancer Support 
The service, run by an experienced cancer nurse manager, offers support, advice and information on cancer drugs, treatment and management as well as on finance and local support services. See Macmillan Cancer Support page for more details.  

Outpatient nursing team and cancer nurse specialists (CNS)
Our experienced outpatient nursing team supports the oncology and radiotherapy clinics and provide additional services to patients and follow-up visits. The team includes three cancer nurse specialists (CNS) who can be contacted directly by mobile phone or email. See contacts below.  

Cancer research
We have an extremely successful cancer trials unit which works closely with the London Cancer Network and Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. The team supports academic and commercial trials across a range of treatments.

Key staff 
Dr Girija Anand – specialist in breast, lung and skin malignancies
Dr John Bridgewater – specialist in gastro-intestinal malignancies
Dr Gabi Brogan - specialist in palliative care
Dr David Chao – specialist in lung, renal malignancies and melanomas
Dr Subhra Chowdhury - specialist in breast and lung malignancies
Dr Nishi Gupta – specialist in lung and urological malignancies
Dr Antke Hagena – specialist in palliative care
Dr Stephen Karp – specialist in breast, gastro-intestinal and urological malignancies
Dr Lucinda Melcher – specialist in urological and gastro-intestinal malignancies
Dr Vinnie Nambisan - specialist in palliative care
Dr Jackie Newby – specialist in breast malignancies
Dr Asim K Ray – clinical oncologist, honorary clinical senior lecturer
Dr Julian Singer – specialist in breast and lung malignancies
Dr Anna Thompson – specialist in head & neck and urological malignancies
Dr Niraj Goyal - clinical oncologist, specialist in breast and thyroid malignancies
Millicent Blake-McCoy - cancer nurse specialist in heamato-oncology
Patrick Mensah - cancer nurse specialist in uro-oncology (bladder, kidney and urethral cancer)
Juliana Burke - cancer nurse specialist in uro-oncology (prostate, penile and testicular cancer) 

Main building, level 0.
Macmillan Cancer Support  main building, in atrium, level 2

How to refer
Through a GP or doctor.
Macmillan Cancer Support – self-referral or by a nurse or doctor.

Contact us

Radiotherapy central booking           020 8887 3381

Radiotherapy reception                           020 8887 2640 / 2576

Radiotherapy CT suite                             020 8887 2871

Radioiodine appointments                      020 8887 3373 

Radiotherapy outpatient appointments   020 8887 2640 / 2576

Chemotherapy day unit reception            020 8887 3251 / 3335

Oncology research department                020 8887 2687

Oncology ward secretaries                020 8887 2284 / 2784

CNS in heamato-oncology, Millicent Blake-McCoy: 07760 787116

CNS in uro-oncology (bladder, kidney and urethral cancer), Patrick Mensah: 07436 284556

CNS in uro-oncology (prostate, penile and testicular cancer), Juliana Burke: 07423 459097

See Macmillan Cancer Support service page for its contact details.

To cancel or change an appointment 

or alternatively ring 020 8887 3663 / 3664 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)

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