Critical care

Critical care

The critical care service consists of a 21 bed critical care complex (CCC) and the critical care outreach team. The CCC looks after all levels of critical care dependency, namely level 1 (monitoring), level 2 (high dependency unit care) and level 3 (ICU care).

What we offer

The department offers a full range of general critical care clinical support and fully invasive monitoring as well as continuous renal replacement therapy in a state of the art facility. The consultant-led critical care outreach and resuscitation team operates to provide support to wards and departments for patients with conditions that are a cause of concern. 

Key staff
Dr Jeronimo M. Cuesta – ICU clinical lead consultant
Dr Mohan Sivarajaratnam – consultant lead for critical care outreach and resuscitation
Dr Ahfee Chan – consultant anaesthetist and ITU specialist
Dr Priti Gandre – consultant in critical care medicine
Dr Ferenc Kovari – consultant in critical care
Dr Thaventhran Prabhahar – consultant in critical care medicine
Vikki Howarth – nurse lead for critical care outreach and resuscitation
Sharon King – matron
The CCC is located in the main building, level 1.

How to refer
Through a GP or doctor.

How to contact us
ICU telephone 020 8887 2414 / 3529 / 2370

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