Mental Health Liaison

Mental Health Liaison

What we offer

A specialist mental health service based in North Middlesex University Hospital provided by Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust for patients whose physical conditions need hospital treatment and who may also have mental health problems. 

It is a 24-hours a day, seven days a week mental health service staffed by specialist psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, a clinical psychologist, social worker, and associate mental health workers.The team will see any patient aged 17 and over either in  A&E or after they have been admitted. 

Key staff

Dr Justin Shute                  Liaison consultant psychiatrist

Dr Laurence Reed             Liaison consultant psychiatrist

Dr Susie Lingwood            Liaison consultant psychiatrist

Dr Liz Sampson                  Liaison consultant psychiatrist

Mr Jabu Chikore                Team Manager

Christiana Fadipe              Administrator

The mental health liaison service is in the podium, level 2.

How to refer

We operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Your doctor will call us as soon as a need for mental health input is identified – patients do not need to be ‘medically cleared’ for an assessment to begin.  We aim to attend within 1 hour (A&E), four hours (AMU), or 24 hours (wards).

We will ask your doctor to tell us:
1.    Patient ID: Name, date of birth and hospital number  
This is so we know who we have to see and helps us quickly find records of past history and identify who will offer follow-up care if needed.  

2.    Reasons your doctor would like you to come to hospital and what medical care will being given.  
This helps us to consider whether there is a physical cause for the symptoms or if transfer to a psychiatric hospital may be needed.  

3.    Reasons your doctor feels a mental health assessment is required.  
A  doctor will assess a patient for any new symptoms or behaviours that are impacting on patient safety?  
Remember that a history of mental health problems alone does not mean the person necessarily needs a mental health assessment now  

4.   The doctor should advise the patient that he is asking permission to assess.

If not, why not?
5.    Your initial assessment / triage?

The doctor will assess that the patient remains safe?  This helps us to determine the urgency of the referral.
Patients are told if and when we are coming and may offer initial advice over the phone
If a patient is admitted to hospital the department will ensure the safety of the patient and while in hospital if 1:1 nursing is  needed, this is arranged by the hospital.

Click on the link for Mental Health Liaison Service leaflet  

Contact us

Mental Health Liaison Service
North Middlesex University Hospital
Sterling Way
Edmonton, London
N18 1QX

Tel: 020 8887 3207
Fax: 020 8887 3278
Bleep: 899

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