The Urology service at North Middlesex Hospital has gone through a transformation over the last five years, with continuous focus on modernisation, communication, openness and clinical governance. 

The Urology Department has grown exponentially to recruit more staff, (doctors, nurses and administrative support of all levels of experience), equipment, space and facilities and continue to develop acute, elective and specialist services for stone disease, cancer diagnostics, prostatic diseases and urinary incontinence. The department has been going through dynamic expansion and growth, with continuous improvement of quality outcomes, resulting in being successfully awarded the ‘’best clinical team of the year 2018’’.

What we offer

  • Stone Service – we annually perform more than 400 endoscopic operations to remove stones, 200 lithotripsies and more than 60 PCNL’s. 

  • We offer dedicated Stone Clinics facilitated by a unique virtual MDT clinic, plus a weekly Stone MDT meeting. We have recently established our onsite SWL Service (Shock Wave Lithotripsy Service) to break stones without surgery.  

  • Rapid Access Prostate service –Consultant Led clinic. Patients can have MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of prostate and transrectal ultrasound guided prostatic biopsy under local anaesthesia the same day, with the results available within the following 7 days. The future plan is to create two weekly clinics so to serve all appropriate patients through these two clinics.

  • One-Stop Haematuria and Bladder Cancer service –Consultant Led. Patients can have ultrasonography or CT scan and flexible cystoscopy the same day, with immediate results available to them at the end of the day. The future planning aims in doubling the clinic to two weekly so all haematuria referrals can be seen in these specialist clinics.

  • Multi disciplinary team collaboration with Royal Free London Hospital for renal cancer, where our cases are operated and cared for, later to be repatriated and followed up at North Mid. 

  • Paediatric urology - children three years and older are offered procedures such as circumcision (for medical reasons), hydrocele repair and orchidopexies. Assessment of children of all ages, review of complex conditions in joint paediatric urology specialty clinics and if necessary, onward referral to specialist teams are key to our paediatric outpatient service.

  • Emergency services - we provide 24/7 adult and paediatric emergency urological care to the population of North Central London. Our emergency department is one of the busiest in London with more than 500 attendances every day. There is a daily consultant led ward round and 24/7 middle grade cover for urology, ensuring early senior review and decision-making. The department also performs emergency operations such as ureteric stenting, primary ureteroscopy, scrotal explorations. On a daily basis we operate an average of 2 emergency cases a day. We are working towards providing an emergency stone service to minimise pain and sepsis for renal colic patients, through already established hot lists.  

    The Urology department works in close partnership with:

  • Royal Free London Hospital Group as Clinical Practice Groups (CPGs) which has led to establishment of one stop / rapid access clinics for diagnosis of urinary tract cancer, such as Bladder, Kidney and Prostate Cancer. 
  • University College Hospital - Vanguard Scheme for Prostate Cancer, working in an MDT (Multi-disciplinary Team) fashion with the Uro-Oncology Team at UCLH.
  • North Central London Cancer Network. We have frequent meetings to improve our cancer services, improving the cancer waiting time targets, methodology of diagnosis, improving pathways.
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups, as part of the north central London sustainability and transformation programme to create new pathways and improve local services. We also participate in multinational and cross-institutional research protocols for bladder cancer.

  • Nurse-led Urodynamics Clinic
  • Nurse-led ED (erectile dysfunction) clinic
  • Nurse led biofeedback, PFME and PTENS clinics
  • Stone Clinic
  • Stone MDT
  • Virtual Metabolic Evaluation MDT Clinic for patients with kidney stones
  • General Urology Clinics
  • Nurse-Led Prostate Cancer Clinic
  • Nationally Leading Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation Service

    Other endoscopic procedures, such as:

  • Monopolar & Bipolar Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) & Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate (HoLEP)
  • Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumours (TURBT) & En-bloc TURBT (ETURBT)
  • In the process of offering more minimally invasive procedures such as Uro-Lift
  • Treatment in bladder dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, incontinence and chronic pelvic pain syndromes.
  • Bottox Bladder Injections
  • Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation: Our department is a training centre for PTNS

Our team


Mr Stefanos Almpanis

Consultant Urologist (Stones, General, Cancer Diagnostics) – Clinical Lead, Clinical Governance Lead, Research lead, Mortality Lead, Audit Lead, SSIP Lead, LiA Lead, CPG/Vanguard/STP Representative)

Miss Jean McDonald

Consultant Urologist (Stones, General, Cancer Diagnostics), College Tutor, Educational Lead

Mr Harshwardhan Godbole

Consultant Urologist (Laparoscopic, Stones, General, Cancer Diagnostics), Cancer & MDT Lead

Mr Gopalakrishnan Nair

Consultant Urologist (Stones, Paediatric, General, Cancer Diagnostics) – Clinical Director for Urology & Ophthalmology, CPG/STP/Vanguard Representative

Mr Andrew Russell

Locum Consultant Urologist (General, Paediatric, Stones, Cancer Diagnostics)

Specialist nurses

Mrs Rosemary Dadswell

Urology Suite Lead, PTNS, ED and Urodynamics Lead

Mrs Kay Boyer

Bladder and Renal Cancer

Mr Patrick Mensah

Cystoscopist, Cystoscopy unit Lead

Mrs Juliana Burke

Prostate Cancer Lead

Mrs Lisa Green

Prostate Cancer Assistant Nurse Specialist

Mrs Kathalina Taylor


Mrs Kim Shellswell

Community Incontinence Nurse Specialist

Multi disciplinary team coordinators

Mrs Evelin Gyetvai

Mr Oluseyi Oni

Mrs Jacqueline Hollis

Telephone numbers

0208 887 2458

0208 887 3881

0208 887 3133


Mrs Brooke Taylor

Mrs Devi Bahorun

0208 887 2431

0208 887 3808

Urology matron

Mrs Zoila Sanchez

07918 727 099

Urology managers

Ms Kimberly Ellis – Service Manager

Ms Hema Sookdawar – Deputy Service Manager

0208 887 3488

0208 887 3014


  • Urology Suite – Level 2, Main Hospital Building 

  • Cystoscopy Unit – Level 2, Main Hospital Building 

  • Lihtotripsy Room – Level 1, Main Hospital Building next to Radiology Department

  • Operating theatres / Day Surgery – Level 1, Main Hospital Building

  • Outpatient Clinic 6 – Level 1, Main Hospital Buidling


How to refer


  • Through a GP or doctor 

  • Referrals: ERS System, no paper referral. 

  • The hospital has gone fully electronic for all referrals. 


Contact us

Urology Suite: 0208 887 3261 

                         0208 887 2416

Cystoscopy Unit: 0208 887 2210

To cancel or change an appointment 
or alternatively ring our call centre 020 8887 3663 /3664 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)

Page last updated July 2019