Leaving Hospital

Leaving the Hospital

If you are an inpatient, before discharging you we will tell you when you are due to go home. Ward staff will encourage patients, where possible, to arrange to be collected before 11am. Please ensure you have some clothes to go home in.

You may be asked to vacate your bed and wait in our discharge lounge if your family are unable to take you home until the afternoon. This is to enable the next person to be admitted to the ward. The discharge lounge is situated in the Pymmes building on level -1. The area is staffed by a registered nurse and healthcare support worker. These staff will be able to help you with your medication, ensure that you have all the necessary papers for your GP and ensure that you have access to food, hot and cold drinks.

If you are worried about being able to cope at home, please speak to the ward manager or nurse / midwife when you are admitted or as soon as you can. For complex discharges the hospital has a discharge co-ordinator available to help you. Additional assistance may be provided by voluntary and statutory organisations, you will be advised if this is necessary.

On discharge, check whether you have a follow-up appointment at the GP, outpatient clinic or another hospital. Remember to leave a forwarding address and check to see you have not forgotten any of your personal belongings. All inpatients leaving hospitals are given a handy discharge card which provides them with the name of their lead nurse, consultant, any medications prescribed and a contact number should there be any queries once they get home.

Please note that discharge summaries are posted direct to your GP.

Page last updated: December 2017