Your Stay

Your Stay

What to bring with you

Most people feel comfortable if they have familiar items around them.

Please bring with you (or ask a relative to bring in):

  • night clothes
  • dressing gown and slippers
  • toiletries, soap, towel, etc
  • any other necessary items for your own personal use
  • a small amount of money for phone calls and newspapers
  • you should also bring in any medication you are taking, in its original packaging, so that the doctors and nurses will have a complete record.

If you are having a baby in our maternity unit,  please bring clothes and nappies for your baby. If you choose to bottle-feed your baby, you also need to bring formula feeds.

There is no facility to wash any clothes within the hospital, so please arrange for someone to take your dirty items home for you.

Please remember to have clothes to go home in.


Do not bring any unnecessary jewellery or valuables or large sums of money.

If you do have items of value that you wish to keep safe, please let the ward manager or nurse-in-charge know and they will make arrangements for your valuables to be deposited at the central cashiers' office. You should be aware that large sums of cash might be returned to you in the form of a cheque.

The cashiers' service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you think you might be going home at the weekend and you have valuables at the cashiers' office, please remind staff so that arrangements can be made to return them to you. 

The North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust cannot take any responsibility for property or money not given in for safekeeping.

How often will I see a doctor?

Doctors carry out ward rounds daily, from Monday to Friday, to check on patients under their care. Ward round times vary from ward to ward. However, medical cover is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including bank holidays, through the on-call team. Your medical care will be co-ordinated by a team of doctors with specialist skills headed by a consultant. If you have any questions regarding your treatment or queries about any aspect of your care, please speak to the nurse or midwife in charge of the ward. If you have difficulties with English, please ask a member of staff who will book a linkworker / interpreter for you.

Who else will be involved in my care?

Whilst you are in hospital your care will be coordinated and delivered by a team of nurses, or midwives in the maternity unit. Each ward or department is led by a ward manager or ward sister who can be identified by their navy blue uniform.

They are supported by a team of staff nurses (or registered nurses) and healthcare support workers.

Other health care professionals who will may be involved in your care include: 

  • therapy staff
  • physiotherapy
  • speech and language therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • phlebotomy (blood tests)
  • radiography (X-ray)
  • pharmacists (to advise on medication)
  • housekeepers (serve food and may help with feeding)
  • social workers
  • technicians (for special equipment)
  • porters (to help you get to other departments)
  • ward clerks
  • volunteers
  • nursery nurses

As a university hospital, we provide education and training to junior staff and students. Patients may encounter students of medicine, nursing, midwifery and therapies. Students are supervised by a fully qualified practitioner at all times.

Page last updated : January 2018