Our staffing levels

Our staffing levels

Because there is compelling evidence supporting the link between appropriate staffing levels and the outcomes of patients, we have pledged to ensure adequate nurse staffing levels in order to deliver safe, compassionate care. From April 2014 it has become a national requirement to publish ward level staffing data in the public domain. Our patients and the public are entitled to know that we have the right number of people in place to provide safe, high quality care to all our patients. This initiative arose following the Francis Report which recommends greater openness and transparency in the health service.

We have installed patient, staff and visitor information boards on every ward which displays planned and actual staffing levels against safe staffing numbers agreed by the trust. This data is updated on a shift by shift basis. 

The reports below has been presented at  trust board meetings.. The trust’s director of nursing and midwifery provides bi-monthly reports to the trust board and risk and quality meetings; with a detailed report every 6 months following a trust wide nursing establishment review. This will enable the trust board to comply with its responsibilities for delivering and monitoring safe staffing

For more information about staffing levels in our hospital please view our safe staffing reports:

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