Core Values


At North Middlesex University Hospital we provide great care to our patients. We are enthusiastic about being the local hospital of choice and this rubs off on our patients. The way we do things is also important and demonstrating the values and behaviours chosen, we can make North Middlesex University Hospital an even better place to receive care.


Being welcoming and approachable.
Being polite, friendly and courteous.
Being kind and understanding.
Showing empathy and compassion, putting ourselves in other’s shoes.
Treating people as individuals, seeing the whole person, looking out for people and their individual needs.
Reducing the anxiety of attending hospital.




Respecting privacy and dignity.
Being patient.
Listening and hearing.
Giving clear explanations and information, checking people understand and avoid using jargon.
Being interested in how to improve things and keep learning.
Guiding lost visitors and patients to their destination.


          Open and honest

Being safe, calm and reassuring.
Being professional and accountable.
Acting on concerns about the safety of others and challenging poor care, service and behaviour.
Being fair and consistent.
Being a positive role model and striving for excellence. 




Involving people as equals.
Working as a team.
Communicating – talking with each other, as well as in writing and between teams.
Being reliable, doing what we say we will.
Being prompt, efficient and well organised. 


 Caring Helpful Open & Honest Teamwork

Page last updated April 2018