Choose & Book

The trust actively encourages GPs to make hospital appointments via the E-Referral system, formerly know as Choose and Book. This is because:

  • It provides an immediate appointment to the patient by the time they walk out of their appointment
  • There is less chance of referrals going missing as it is a paperless system
  • It provides greater convenience to patients so that they can choose when their appointment takes place
  • Providing this choice reduces the chance of DNAs in hospital.

We are pleased to announce that our online Directory of Services has recently been updated so it should be easier than ever to book a patient into one of our outpatient clinics online.

GPs can make appointments via E-Referral during their consultation. 

Should a convenient appointment slot not be available, please note that the trust automatically receives a list of all patients that require booking on a daily basis. The trust has a dedicated team to ensure that these patients are booked in for their hospital appointment as soon as possible. 

Should a patient wish to book their appointment in the comfort of their own home they can call the telephone number on 034 5608 8888 or visit

We want E-Referral to be used by as many GP colleagues as possible and we will make sure that the process for referring into the North Middlesex Hospital is as seamless as possible. 

Our referral centre team is more than happy to resolve any immediate issues you might have with E-Referral and work together to make the system more convenient for you. They can be contacted via email