Accident and emergency

Accident and Emergency

We provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary accident and emergency (A&E) and urgent treatment centre service in our modern buildings. A&E is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is staffed by experienced doctors and nurses who deliver initial assessment and treatment to all patients who require medical care. 

It is one of the busiest A&E departments in London, seeing about 180,000 adults and children each year. There is a dedicated 24/7 paediatric emergency service. Children are triaged in the A&E department and are seen in either paediatric A&E or the urgent treatment centre. All children are cared for by paediatric nurses..

What we offer

  • Initial assessment and treatment plan for medical, surgical and psychological conditions
  • 16 hours of consultant presence, seven days a week
  • a rapid assessment and treatment team which operates 12 hours a day, seven days a week
  • all ambulance patients seen by senior clinicians and have a treatment plan put in place within minutes of arrival
  • a clinical observation unit for patients who require prolonged observation by the emergency department (ED) to support clinical  decisions
  • a fast transfer to specialty assessment units for patients who need to be seen by specialty teams
  • a dedicated radiology department so that diagnostic imaging can be carried out in the department.  The service is co-located with surgery, intensive care and diagnostic imaging
  • emergency eye service, five days a week, accessible through A&E

The GP-led urgent treatment centre operates within our A&E department. It provides treatment of minor illnesses, injuries and non-life-threatening conditions which require urgent or immediate attention. It is open 13 hours a day, every day of the year from 9am to 10pm. The urgent treatment centre is run by GPs and specialist nurses. Approximately 40% of patients who attend the emergency department will be directed to the urgent treatment centre during its opening hours.

Our urgent treatment centre does not provide

  • change of routine dressings, even if we put them on in the first place
  • referrals or specialties for outpatient appointments, such as complex skin conditions or long-term issues like bad backs
  • repeat medication or prescriptions
  • services for patients who are not registered with a GP
  • chronic disease management services to patients who are not registered with a GP
  • MRI and CT scans
  • free medicine unless there is a proof of exemption
  • sick notes

Key staff 

  • Dr Andres Martin - clinical director (A&E)
  • Dr Adrienn Fricska Nagy - consultant and service lead (A&E)
  • Dr James Harrison - consultant and associate medical director (A&E)
  • Dr Clara Oliver - consultant and trauma director (A&E)​
  • Dr Catherine Pearce - consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Arumugam Rajarajan – consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Sathiya Priyan Rajaraman - consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Guruswamy Vijayakumar – consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Khaled Yaseen Abdel Raouf Soliman - consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Anmar Ali Khamesi - consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Ehsan Hassan - consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Turan Huseyin - consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Rajesh Thanasingh - consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Jennifer Currigan - consultant (A&E)
  • Dr Charlotte Clements - consultant paediatrician and lead for paediatric A&E (paediatric A&E)​
  • Dr Gayle Hann – consultant paediatrician (A&E)
  • Dr Katie Knight - consultant paediatrician (A&E)​​
  • Anna May Charles - head of nursing for urgent and emergency care
  • Vinayak Bhandwalkar - lead emergency nurse practitioner
  • Thomas Heffernan - service manager for emergency medicine

The entrance to the A&E department is in Bridport Road, Edmonton, London N18 1QX. The A&E entrance is shared with the urgent treatment centre and is about 80 metres from the hospital’s main entrance in Bull Lane and is next to the visitors’ car park. 

How to refer
GPs can refer at any time through our switchboard.
Patients can refer themselves for emergency and life-saving interventions.

Contact us
A&E main reception 020 8887 2398 / 2544 / 2991
Paediatric A&E reception 020 8887 3375

Page last updated: February 2020