Ambulatory emergency care

Ambulatory emergency care

Our ambulatory emergency care (AECU)  opened in March 2015. The service offers high quality consultant-led same day care. AECU provides services to patients who could otherwise be at risk of admission receiving specialist assessment and management of their acute presenting condition. 

We also have a medical day hospital for elderly and frail patients.

What we offer:
We aim to ensure that nobody stays in hospital overnight if they are able to go home safely, which means that patients will be assessed, diagnosed and treated as outpatients. We ensure that any care is started quickly with easy, swift access to specialist clinicians and a range of diagnostic tests.

The unit is open Monday – Friday from 8am - 6pm, and weekends from 10am–4pm.

We have recently launched specific patient pathways for our high volume ambulatory sensitive conditions as follows:

   low risk chest pain
   low Risk Upper GI Bleed
   leg Pain

We also offer the following services:
Older adults service – this rapid access clinic is especially for older people and provides specialist consultant assessment for adults over 65, including frail patients with complex conditions
Virtual clinic – we care for patients who have been discharged from the acute assessment unit (AAU) and who require urgent investigation or on-going support; we do not see patients in person but their results are followed up and acted on by the ambulatory care team
GP advice service – our acute medical consultants and geriatricians provide advice over the telephone to help patients stay healthy and out of hospital, and to support direct GP referrals into ambulatory  care services. 

We work closely with other departments in the hospital including radiology department to ensure that patients are diagnosed and treated promptly.

Key staff:
We are a multidisciplinary team – meaning we are staff from a variety of different backgrounds, including medical consultants, registrars, junior clinical fellows, nurses, administrative staff and a pharmacist.  We also have an advanced clinical practitioner who oversees the service on a daily basis.

Main building, level 0, AECU service is now co-located within AAU in a hot floor set up linked closely to our A&E department.  As part of a trust-wide transformation programme, 

How to refer:
Referrals directly to AECU can be made via General Practitioner.

Contact us:
AECU general enquiries                          020 8887 3709 

Page last updated: January 2018