Our experienced anaesthetists manage  patient care in our eight main theatres, two maternitytheatres and two day-surgery theatres. 

The team includes anaesthetists with specialist expertise, including obstetrics, trauma and orthopaedics, emergency surgery, urology, eye surgery, pre-operative assessment, critical care and pain management.

What we offer
The team includes anaesthetists with specialist expertise, including obstetrics, orthopaedics, critical care and pain management:

  • pre-assessment service: all patients are pre-assessed by specialist nurses and information about anaesthesia, pain relief and surgery is provided through leaflets, consultations and multi-discipilinary enhanced recovery classes.
  • an extensive range of regional anaesthetic and pain relief techniques are employed for patients having operations across all the surgical specialties
  • innovative  and evidence based anaesthetic techniques are used to improve patient safety and experience                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Pain management service 

  • all post-operative patients with epidural infusions or patient-controlled analgesia are seen on a dail basis by the pain nurse specialists
  • consultant-led pain management ward rounds twice a week
  • pain relief on the labour ward is managed by the anaesthetists, including labour epidural service
  • pain management consultants provide an outpatient pain management service which includes pain clinic consultations and  pain management interventions (day case procedures in theatres), workly closely with community pain management services
  • weekly on-site acupuncture clinic run by the ASANTE academy of  Chinese medicine.  Patients are referred to this service by the pain management consultants
  • nurse-led TENS therapy service as part of the outpatient pain management service

Key staff 
Dr Gopakumar Sudhir - clinical lead for anaesthetics and pain management
Dr Prasanth Belvadi – deputy clinical director for anaesthetics and intensive care  
Dr Deepak Kumar - clinical lead for anaesthetics 
Dr Alice Man - consultant anaesthetist and lead for pain services, lead educational supervisor
Dr Viatcheslav Bouline – consultant anaesthetist with interest in ophthalmology, guidelines and rota coordinator
Dr Suparna Das – consultant obstetric anaesthetist,  foundation year programme director 
Dr Janet Ezihe-Ejiofor – consultant lead for trauma anaesthesia and obstetric anaesthetist 
Dr Elizabeth Fajemirokun – consultant lead for obstetricanaesthesia 
Dr Mariampillai Jesuthasan – consultant lead for ophthalmicanaesthesia 
Dr Vijay Kale - consultant lead for perioperative anaesthesia and educational supervisor
Dr Puvaneswary Muhunthakumar – associate specialist in anaesthetics
Dr Chetana Nagaraj – consultant anaesthetist with specialist interest in paediatrics
Dr Shamim Sarfi – consultant anaesthetist 
Dr Ranjika Seneviratne – consultant anaesthetist
Dr Shyrana Siriwardhana – consultant anaesthetist and lead for obstetrics
Dr Angukumer Thangamutha – consultant anaesthetist
Dr Rao Malleswera Vemuri – associate specialist in anaesthetists and pain management
Dr Namasivayam Yogasakaran – consultant anaesthetist

The pain management clinic is in the main building, level 1, in fracture clinic 6. 

How to refer
Through a GP or doctor. 

Contact us
Main theatres general enquiries   020 8887 2525
Anaesthetics office                    020 8887 2221
Pain management secretary           020 8887 3528   (Mon-Wed, 8.30am-2pm) 

To cancel or change an appointment 
or alternatively ring 020 8887 3663 / 3664 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)

Page last updated: January 2018