Cancer services

Cancer services

Our Oncology department provides high quality cancer services in 10 specialties: Breast, Head and Neck, Lung, Upper-Gastrointestinal (UGI), Hepato-Pancreatobilliary (HPB), Colorectal, Skin, Urology, Haematology and a Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit (POSCU). 

We are part of the London Cancer Vanguard in partnership with UCLH- Cancer Collaborative and work closely with other London hospitals including Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals and the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. Our children's cancer services are provided in conjunction with Great Ormond Street and UCLH and run a successful cancer research and trials service.  

Our department provides a wide range of diagnostic, surgical, radiotherapy and chemotherapy services. Our Helen Rollason cancer support centre provides a range of complementary services. 
Our new Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre 
is open Monday to Friday 10am–4pm and provides information, advice and support for patients, family, carers and friends. 

We have a purpose-built radiotherapy department and an integrated chemotherapy suite. There is a dedicated oncology ward (Podium 1) which includes an inpatient radioiodine suite. 

Oncology outpatient and radiotherapy department - Podium building, level 0.
Chemotherapy suite - Podium building, level 1
Oncology ward - Podium building, level 1
Macmillan cancer information and support centre, atrium, main building, level 2.

What we offer

Radiotherapy and medical physics Services
We provide a full range of the latest radiotherapy techniques having recently invested heavily in state-of-the-art linear accelerator technology. We provide image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT). These techniques utilise imaging to guide the precise and efficient delivery of radiotherapy.   More information here

Our charity North Middlesex Radiotherapy appeal 2019

There is a dedicated North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust  Radiotherapy Fund to raise money for new medical equipment and staff training to supplement central NHS funding. This enables us to treat our patients using the latest technology to deliver better clinical outcomes and patient experience. For more information and to make a donation you can follow this link

Oncology Ward

We provide care for patients undergoing investigations and treatment for different forms of cancer the Podium 1 ward consists of 23 beds consisting of four 4 bedded bays and seven single room as well as a room where we support patient undergoing radioactive treatments.

The oncology ward is open for visiting between 14:00 – 20:00 outside of these hours is via permission with the nurse in

Systemic anti-cancer services

We provide systemic anticancer treatments  for adults and children, as inpatients on our dedicated ward or in our dedicated outpatient chemotherapy suite. Our team has expertise in systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT), biological treatments and immunotherapy. We also deliver supportive treatments for cancer patients on the unit i.e. blood transfusions, bone supportive drugs

To find out more about cancer, treatments and research we would encourage you to visit the Cancer Research UK website.


Palliative Medicine services

We provide palliative care services supported by a specialist team. 

Acute oncology service
The  Acute Oncology Service(AOS) is a nurse led service that provides a 24/7 telephone contact advice line for patients, carers and professionals. We support patients who receive a first diagnosis of cancer in the emergency setting or who present acutely unwell due to their disease. We also provide a service for cancer patients who present as an emergency with acute complications of non-surgical cancer treatment. There is an AOS team of consultants who will review inpatients within 24 hours of their admission.

Macmillan Cancer Support 
The Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre is located on Level 2 of the Atrium. Inpatients and outpatients who have been diagnosed with cancer, or who are undergoing tests for possible cancer, are welcome to use the service, as are families, friends and carers of patients who are affected by cancer. If you have questions about cancer, you can talk face-to-face in a relaxed and confidential environment. Or if you are unable to leave the ward, hospital staff can arrange for someone to come to talk to you at your bedside. Whatever your cancer-related worries are, we will be right there with you to help find the information you need.   Telephone  020 8887 3992.

Leaflet to download:

Macmillan dietician services and SALT (speech and language therapy)

Our team of Macmillan oncology Dietitians and Dietetic support worker provide specialist dietetic advice and support to patients with a cancer diagnosis, both in the inpatient and outpatient setting. Referrals are made using specific screening tools via the nurses or other healthcare professionals both on the ward and in clinics.

The specialist dietitians help to prevent and treat common nutritional symptoms that occur and provide individualised advice on how to maintain an optimal weight and diet during treatment and recovery. They also take part in delivering nutrition group talks for cancer patients who have completed treatment.

Macmillan Clinical Psychology service

The Macmillan Clinical Psychology Service offers one to one appointments for patients and carers.  Talking therapy can help people living with cancer to make sense of their difficulties and learn more helpful ways of coping. Referrals to the service are accepted via the oncology team and Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre.

For more information including our service leaflet, please click the link:

Complementary therapy services

The Helen Rollason cancer support centre helps patients emotionally and physically by providing complementary therapy services including massage, aromatherapy and reflexology.  Please click on the link below for more information about what is available.

Outpatient nursing team and cancer nurse specialists (CNS)
Our experienced outpatient nursing team supports the oncology and radiotherapy clinics and provide additional services to patients and follow-up visits.

We also have a MacMillan Radiographer who reviews and supports radiotherapy patients whilst on treatment.

(CNS) Clinical nurse specialist teams 

The Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is a Registered Nurse who is a clinical expert, working at an Advanced level within a specialty area of cancer.  You may also hear them referred to as your ‘Key worker’ The CNS is an integral part of a multi-disciplinary team involved in your care and will use their skills in cancer care to provide physical and emotional support, coordinate care services and to inform and advise patients and families on clinical as well as practical issues. The CNS will undertake a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) and together with you create a care plan, focusing on you as a whole and not just your illness.  A CNS is allocated usually from the hospital at where patients are diagnosed. The CNS can be contacted directly by mobile phone/text or email and usually work 9am-5pm. See CNS contacts below.

Cancer Research
We have an extremely successful cancer trials unit which works closely with the London Cancer Network and Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. The team supports academic and commercial trials across a range of treatments.

Haemato-oncology and sickle cell 
We have a large haematology department and work closely with UCLH and Great Ormond Street Hospital, where many of our team have joint posts. See haematology services for more information. 

Paediatric services
We provide a paediatric oncology shared care unit (POSCU) for young people aged 16 and under. We work closely with the principal treatment centre at University College London Hospital (UCLH). This service is run this service in conjunction with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Oncology clinical nurse specialist staff




Millicent Blake-McCoy



Barbara Von Barsewisch



Kay Boyer



Margaret Awuah



Margaret Brown

Head and Neck & Thyroid


Celestina Bello



Siobhan Callan Kolthof



Sheila Thanabalan



Judy Hill



Susannah Day



Marion Cunningham

Upper Gi


Sarah Gough



Monica Castro

Acute Oncology


Tony Ndlovu

Acute Oncology


Maureen Hynes



Blessing Kamudyariwa



Operational management team

Divisional Director of Clinical Services

Divisional Director of Operations

Divisional Head of Nursing

Clinical Director for Oncology & Palliative Medicine

Head of Radiotherapy

Head of Medical Physics

Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse

Oncology & Palliative Medicine Matron

Clinical Lead for Oncology & Palliative Medicine

Radiotherapy Clinical Lead

Cancer Service Manager

Oncology Service support manager



Consultant staff in Palliative Medicine



Dr Antke Hagena                                      

Palliative medicine                      

Dr Julia Bichard

Palliative medicine

Dr Gabi Brogan

Palliative medicine

Dr Jessica Sui

Palliative medicine


Consultant staff in Oncology


Dr Girija Anand

Breast & Lung

Clinical Oncology

Dr Olivia Chan

Skin, Lymphoma & AOS

Clinical Oncology

Dr Hannah Chapman


Clinical Oncology

Dr Subhra Chowdhury

Lung & AOS

Clinical Oncology

Dr Venkat Gajapathy

Upper GI, Lower GI and AOS

Clinical Oncology

Dr Niraj Goyal

Breast, Thyroid & AOS

Clinical Oncology

Dr Nishi Gupta


Clinical Oncology

Dr Atia Khan

Head & Neck and Skin

Clinical Oncology

Dr Khurum Khan


Medical Oncology

Dr Lucinda Melcher

UGI, Colorectal & Urology

Clinical Oncology

Dr Alexandra Pender

Lung & Melonoma

Medical Oncology

Dr Fharat Raja

Breast & AOS

Medical Oncology

Dr Julian Singer

Lung & Breast

Clinical Oncology

Dr Mausam Singhera

Urology & AOS

Clinical Oncology

Dr Anna Thompson

Head & Neck

Clinical Oncology

Dr Lai Cheng Yew

Breast & AOS

Clinical Oncology


Meet our consultants

Click here to find out more about our team   

How to refer
Through a GP or doctor.
Macmillan Cancer Support – self-referral or by a nurse or doctor.

Contact us 

Radiotherapy central booking     020 8887 3381
Oncology and radiotherapy reception 020 8887 2640 / 2576
Radiotherapy CT suite                             020 8887 2871
Radioiodine appointments                       020 8887 3373
Oncology and Radiotherapy outpatient appointments   020 8887 2640 / 2576
Chemotherapy suite reception             020 8887 3251 / 3335
Oncology ward 020 8887 2568/3107
Oncology research department                 020 8887 2687
Oncology secretaries/pathway co-ordinators    020 8887 2284 / 2784

To cancel or change an appointment email
or alternatively ring 020 8887 2640/2576 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm).

Local GPs, who need urgent advice when managing a patient with a cancer-related symptom, including any oncological emergency, can call our oncology hotline. 

All calls will be go straight to a member of the Oncology team, and can be put through to a Consultant Oncologist or other senior doctor who will be able to

  • Advise on the appropriate referral pathway; for any oncology related emergencies patient should go straight to local A&E, or can be booked in local trusts' fast track oncology appointment clinic slot
  • Triage to on-call Oncologist or referral to appropriate site-specific oncologist within the patient’s locality
  • Contact the patient’s nominated key worker (Mon-Fri 9am–5 pm)
  • Signpost to other appropriate services
  • Provide symptom management advice, if indicated with referral to palliative care service


Useful links

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust - emotional support and wellbeing services directory here

Cancer Research UK
The UK’s leading cancer charity dedicated to beating cancer has a wealth of information about the charity and cancer. 

Provides high quality, up-to-date cancer information for cancer patients, their families and carers.  All of the information is written and reviewed by specialists.

Marie Curie
Provide end of life cancer care to terminally ill patients in their own homes, or in one of their hospices.

Maggie's cancer caring centre
Maggie's cancer caring centre is there for everyone affected by cancer.  You can access psychological and emotional support, benefits advice plus a range of workshops such as tai chi, yoga, creative writing and creative

Look good, feel better
Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a charity that helps boost the physical and emotional wellbeing of people undergoing cancer treatment. Free confidence boosting workshops are held across the UK for women, men and young adults undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.  Each group session is led by trained volunteers and is a chance to meet others in a similar situation, as well as learning useful skills and techniques to manage the side-effects of cancer treatment.

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