We provide a comprehensive adult inpatient and outpatient cardiology service, led by consultants with a range of specialty interests. Daily consultant ward rounds take place seeing patients under the care of the specialty, plus those referred while in hospital.


What we offer

We provide a range of services including:


·         General and community cardiology clinics

·         Daily rapid access chest pain clinic for patients with chest pain of likely cardiac origin – by direct referral

·         A consultant-led, direct access, one-stop heart failure clinic

·         A consultant-led advanced heart failure clinic

·         Nurse-led clinics for the ongoing management of heart failure patients

·         Electrophysiology clinics for the assessment of complex cardiac arrhythmias

·         Investigation and treatment of patients with heart valve disease

·         Cardiac rehabilitation programmes following heart attack, coronary intervention or cardiac surgery and for patients with a diagnosis of heart failure

·         Post-surgery cardiothoracic clinic for the review of patients post cardiac surgery locally

·         Non-invasive investigations which include a direct access ECG service, echocardiography, exercise tolerance testing, ambulatory ECG monitoring, event recording and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

·         Tilt table testing for the investigation of blackouts

·         Cardioversion for the treatment of atrial fibrillation

·         Complex echocardiography including transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE) and dobutamine stress echocardiography (DSE)

·         Diagnostic cardiac catheterisation for the investigation of coronary artery disease and heart valve disease,

·         Implantation and renewal of permanent pacemakers for the treatment of heart block and syncope

·         Implantation of loop recorders for the investigation of arrhythmias


Key staff


Dr Mick Ozkor – specialty lead and deputy clinical director, consultant cardiologist with special interest in intervention and valve disease
Dr Syed Aysan – consultant cardiologist with special interest in pacing and electrophysiology
Dr Tom Crake – consultant cardiologist with special interest in intervention
Dr Amal Muthumala - consultant cardiologist with special interest in heart failure and device implantation
Dr Antonis Pantazis - consultant cardiologist with special interest in echocardiography and inherited heart muscle disease
Dr Dushyant Maradia -  consultant cardiologist with special interest in echocardiography, valve disease, non-invasive investigation for coronary artery disease and acute cardiac care
Dr Amir Sheikh - cardiothoracic surgeon
Dr Ron Simon – consultant cardiologist with special interest in pacing and electrophysiology

Dr Roger Rear – consultant cardiologist with a special interest in heart failure and cardiomyopathy

Bibi Ford – cardiology lead nurse and cath lab manager
Chris Dinsdale – general manager




The tower, level -1


How to refer

Through a GP or doctor


Contact us

Cardiac investigations       020 8887 3612
Outpatient enquiries         020 8887 2862
Cardiology secretaries      020 8887 3243 / 3497


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