There are several specialist clinics in gynaecology including colposcopy clinics, early pregnancy assessment unit (daily), emergency gynaecology clinics (daily), fertility clinics, fibroid and endometriosis clinic and many others.

Our specialist gynaecology team provides a leading edge clinical service with innovative treatments that include carbon dioxide laser laparoscopy treatments, outpatient hysteroscopic sterilisation and tibial nerve stimulation as part of a multi-disciplinary urinary incontinence service.

What we offer
The gynaecology department runs daily clinics from Monday to Friday. There are several specialist gynaecology clinics:

  • colposcopy clinics
  • early pregnancy assessment unit (daily)
  • emergency gynaecology clinics (daily)
  • fertility clinics
  • fibroid and endometriosis clinic
  • joint gynaecology oncology clinic
  • recurrent miscarriage clinic
  • outpatient hysteroscopy clinic
  • urogynaecology clinic
  • community gynaecology clinic at Tynemouth Road Health Centre.

There is a designated clinic for suspected gynaecology cancers every Tuesday and Friday morning in which patients are seen within two weeks
of referral.

Please click here for more about FGC - the Iris clinic

The majority of patients with proven gynaecological cancers are referred to the University College London Hospital Cancer Centre for surgery. Patients with early stage of uterine cancer can be operated on at our hospital. A joint gynaecology oncology clinic is run fortnightly where any re-referral from UCLH and follow-ups are seen. In addition, women with large fibroids are seen in a dedicated clinic and benefit from all modalities of treatment including keyhole remove of fibroids. There is a specialist diabetic and medical clinic held including keyhole removal of fibroids. There is a specialist diabetic and medical clinic held on Tuesdays led by one of our consultants, Miss Abha Govind.

Key staff
Professor Stanley Okolo –  consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Miss Frances Evans – associate medical director and consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Mr Abiodun Fakokunde – clinical lead for women’s services and consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Mr Adewale Adeyomo – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Miss Ansam Al Habib – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Miss Abha Govind – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Miss Deepa Janga – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Miss Ashwini Kulkarni – consultant in fetal medicine (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Mr Joe Llahi – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Mr Wasim Lodhi – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Mr David Ogutu – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Ms Elexie Opara – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Miss Zeudi Ramsey–Marcelle – consultant (obstetrician and gynaecologist)
Miss Beena Subba – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Mr Wai Yoong Cheong – consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)
Miss Vishwa Shivasungaramajah - consultant (obstetrics and gynaecology)

In the maternity building, level -1.

How to refer

Through a GP or doctor.

Contact us
Gynaecology outpatient department, 9am-5pm: 020 8887 4215
Colposcopy unit (maternity unit building), 9am-5pm: T: 020 8887 2867 / 4262,  F: 020 8887 3580

To cancel or change an appointment 
or alternatively ring our 020 8887 4215

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