Before you arrive

Your outpatient appointment letter will contain details of your appointment date and time and information about anything you might be required to bring with you. Please read it carefully. Please contact the outpatient appointments team on 020 8887 3662 if you need to change the appointment or if you cannot come, so we can offer the time to someone else.  

What to bring with you

Please ensure you bring your appointment card or appointment letter with you to the hospital. It includes details of where you will be seen. Our main reception staff will be able to help you find the way. Please also bring: 

  • any registration form completed with your personal details, such as your full address, contact number, GP address and telephone number 
  • any medication you are taking
  • any sample as requested
  • money for prescription / proof of exemption
  • list of any specific questions you would like to ask.

On arrival

The League of Friends tea and snack bar is now in the main building, level 1, next to the fracture clinic. See the refreshments and restaurant page of the website for details of other food and drink outlets.  

Also, if you have a clinic appointment, please report at the main outpatients reception desk (not clinic reception). If you would like to cancel or rearrange your appointment, you can now email: or alternatively ring our call centre 020 8887 3663 /3664 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)

Page last updated January 2018