Pathology services at the hospital are provided by Health Services Laboratories (HSL) and are led by the hospital's consultants. The service provides a  diagnostic, monitoring and advisory service which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. HSL is fully accredited by a number of national organisations.

The hospital has a purpose-built laboratory which is run by HSL. It has full accreditation from Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA), UKAS, Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA), Human Tissue Authority (HTA), and Human Embryology and Fertilisation Authority (HEFA).

What we offer
The HSL laboratory offers a range of services in biochemistry, haematology, microbiology and cellular pathology (histology and cytology). The hospital also has two walk-in phlebotomy services – an outpatient blood test service, located in the outpatients department, and a GP blood tests unit.  

Opening times
See the blood tests page for details of all blood test services for adults and children, including opening times and details of who needs to book.  

Stool, urine, blood and sputum samples

All samples delivered to the pathology laboratory must be fully labelled and in the right container.

It is very important that specimens are delivered as soon as possible after they have been provided – either by the GP’s surgery or by the patient.
The pathology laboratory is open for receipt of samples at the
following times:

Monday to Friday 8am–6pm
Saturday 9.30am–12.30pm

Key staff

Rachel McCarthy - pathology contract manager 
Dr Julia Rees - pathology clinical lead and consultant cellular pathologist

Dr Ronnie Chee - consultant immunologist
Dr Devi Nair - consultant clinical biochemist   


Dr Sajir Mohamedbhai - consultant haematologist
Dr Marilyn Roberts-Harewood - consultant haematologist
Dr Anne Yardumian - consultant haematologist 

Dr Hawabibee Petkar - consultant microbiologist

Dr Tanya Alan - consultant cellular pathologist
Dr John Firth - consultant cellular pathologist
Dr Rebecca Gillibrand - consultant cellular pathologist
Dr Delaram Kermani - consultant cellular pathologist
Dr Evangelia Mylona - consultant cellular pathologist
Dr Manuella Spinnelli - Consultant cellular pathologist  
Our Histology team is now based at Royal Free Hospital for all Histology queries please contact Royal free Hospital on 0207 794 0500 x32975

Tower, level 0. 

How to refer
Referral through GP or doctor

Contact us
Result enquiries:                             Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm
Chemistry, haematology, and microbiology, 020 8887 2484
Histology                                             020 7794 0500 x32975 (Our Histology team is now based at Royal Free Hospital)
Diagnostic cytology                           020 8887 2655
Cervical cytology                               020 7307 7387
Specimen reception                         020 8887 2263

Page last updated January 2018