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Work experience

Medical work experience shadowing placements

The Medical Work Experience Shadowing Programme at North Middlesex University Hospital Trust is an exciting opportunity for young persons who are making decisions about university options or are interested in pursuing a medical or healthcare career.

The programme is a short term placement over one week which involves shadowing a doctor with the opportunity to also engage with nurse, therapist, and/or allied health professional during their normal working activities within the hospital.

Students will have a unique opportunity to gain insight into the work of the team here at North Middlesex University Hospital Trust as well as an overview of the patients’ journey. In addition, this programme will improve your chances of gaining a place at university if applying for a medical or healthcare related degree programme.

The Medical Work Experience Shadowing Programme runs from 18 February – 22nd February 2019.


Who can apply?

You must be 16 - 18 years old to take part in our Medical Work Experience Shadowing Programme and you must live or attend school or college in the north London boroughs of Enfield, Haringey or Barnet.


How do you apply?


To apply for the Medical Work Experience Shadowing Programme, download and complete the  application form and write a 500-word essay on one of the following topics:


1.       “Alcoholism and drug abuse are personal lifestyle choices, therefore people who fall ill due to any of these should not be entitled to free NHS treatment. Discuss.”


2.       “How do you think fictional medical programmes on television influence patient expectations of staff in the NHS?”


Please send your completed application form and 500 word essay in response to one of the questions above to

Applications for the Medical Work Experience Shadowing Programme close on Monday 7 January 2019. Late applications will not be considered.


Email contact practice experience facilitator Natoya Mamby-Campbell at for further details.

Page updated: December 2018