About our cardiology service

We provide a comprehensive adult inpatient and outpatient cardiology service, led by consultants with a range of specialty interests. Daily consultant ward rounds take place seeing patients under the care of the specialty, plus those referred while in hospital.

Conditions we treat

General and community cardiology clinics

  • Daily rapid access chest pain clinic for patients with chest pain of likely cardiac origin – by direct referral
  • A consultant-led, direct access, one-stop heart failure clinic
  • A consultant-led advanced heart failure clinic
  • Nurse-led clinics for the on-going management of heart failure patients
  • Electrophysiology clinics for the assessment of complex cardiac arrhythmias
  • Investigation and treatment of patients with heart valve disease
  • Cardiac rehabilitation programmes following heart attack, coronary intervention or cardiac surgery and for patients with a diagnosis of heart failure
  • Post-surgery cardiothoracic clinic for the review of patients post cardiac surgery locally
  • Non-invasive investigations which include a direct access ECG service, echocardiography, exercise tolerance testing, ambulatory ECG monitoring, event recording and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Tilt table testing for the investigation of blackouts
  • Cardioversion for the treatment of atrial fibrillation
  • Complex echocardiography including transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE) and dobutamine stress echocardiography (DSE)
  • Diagnostic cardiac catheterisation for the investigation of coronary artery disease and heart valve disease,
  • Implantation and renewal of permanent pacemakers for the treatment of heart block and syncope
  • Implantation of loop recorders for the investigation of arrhythmias

How to prepare for your visit

All the information on what to expect is sent to the patient with the appointment letter which includes a contact number to call if a patient requires further information. 

Where to find us

You can find us in the tower building on level -1 (main hospital).

Refer a patient

GP referral via e-RS

As part of the new NHS standard contract, we only accept referrals from GPs to consultant-led clinics through the e-RS.  Faxed or paper referrals will be rejected and will not be posted.

For rejected referrals, the GP will be informed within two days that their referral has been rejected.  It will then be the responsibility of the referring GP to resubmit the referral using e-RS.

NHS e-Referral service

If you wish to refer a patient, you can do it using the NHS e-Referral service (e-RS).

You can view available appointment slots and book the appointment before your patient leaves the surgery. If there are no clinic slots are available via e-RS, you can still refer your patient to us by selecting the ‘defer to provider’ option on e-RS.

If the patient wants to arrange the appointment outside of the surgery, please make sure you give them their booking reference number and e-RS password.         

If you can’t find a service on e-RS, you can search for the condition or review the

Patient transport

Please remember it is the GP's responsibility to assess the clinical need for any initial patient transport and for the provision of that first visit.

Change to ECG bookings - October 2021

Due to ongoing Covid-19 infection control restrictions we are still unable to provide a walk in ECG service. To book an appointment please send a referral form to northmid.cardiologyinvestigations@nhs.net.

Download the form: GP ECG request form.docx [docx] 156KB

Patients will be booked in by the Cardiology admin team and sent a letter with their appointment date and time. No walk-ins will be accepted due to IPC protocols and safety measures deployed during and post covid.

We will continue to review capacity and safety measures currently in place and increase it accordingly.   Any further changes will be communicated to the GPs accordingly.

If you need to speak to the service regarding an ECG please use the following contact number - 020 8887 3612.

Meet our team

  • Dr Mick Ozkor – Clinical Director, Consultant cardiologist with special interest in intervention and valve disease
  • Dr Syed Aysan – consultant cardiologist with special interest in pacing and electrophysiology
  • Dr Tom Crake – consultant cardiologist with special interest in intervention
  • Dr Amal Muthumala - consultant cardiologist with special interest in heart failure and device implantation
  • Dr Antonis Pantazis - consultant cardiologist with special interest in echocardiography and inherited heart muscle disease
  • Dr Dushyant Maradia -  Clinical Lead, consultant cardiologist with special interest in echocardiography, valve disease, non-invasive investigation for coronary artery disease and acute cardiac care
  • Dr Amir Sheikh - cardiothoracic surgeon
  • Dr Ron Simon – consultant cardiologist with special interest in pacing and electrophysiology
  • Dr Roger Rear – consultant cardiologist with a special interest in heart failure and cardiomyopathy
  • Dr Fahad Iqbal - Valve/General Intervention
  • Dr Michael Debney – Cath Lab Lead & Consultant with a special interest in Arrhythmia  
  • Meriel Clark - Matron
  • Bibi Ford – Cardiology Lead Nurse and Cath lab manager
  • Dorina Uwase – Service Manager
  • Hema Sookdawar- Deputy Service Manager