Community Children's Nurses

This is the dedicated page for our Community Children's Nurses service.

About the Community Childrens Nursing (CCN) service for babies, children and young people

The CCN team consists of highly trained and experienced paediatric nurses who provide care and support to babies, children and young people aged 0-15 (and 16-18 year olds with complex needs) who live in Haringey, the ‘N’ postcodes of Haringey and Enfield ‘EN’ postcodes for Oncology patients only

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The CCN team aim to care for children to prevent or reduce hospital admissions and expedite hospital discharges, work collaboratively with families, and provide care at home, school or any community setting.

The CCN are a skilled team of 6 paediatric nurses and a nurse assistant that provide a wide range of care, support and advice to babies, children and young people who have short or long term health needs.

The CCN also care for those with life limiting and life threatening conditions.



Pathways and Referrals

Please find below the referral inclusion criteria:

Oncology support and care

Wound and Burn Management

Oxygen Dependent Children

Intravenous antibiotics/Infusions (duration of 30 minutes)


Nasogastric Care and Education

Gastrostomy care

Respiratory Assessments

Cardiac conditions

Care for children with life limiting conditions & complex needs

End of life care

Post operative Support

Intramuscular & Subcutaneous Injections

Education and teaching for families

End of life care


Young person with SEN up to the age of 18

Intravenous & intramuscular antibiotics

Feeding management and support include care of nasogastric and gastrostomy tubes

Oxygen therapy and/or oxygen monitoring and cardiac assessments

Co-ordination and monitoring of complex care and medical needs

Burns & Wound Care

Care for BCYP with oncological conditions


Referrals should first be discussed with the CCN team on 0208 887 3301 to check capacity

Complete the referral form, including as much detail as possible

Complete the NCL Community Children’s Nursing Referral Form from the link below

NCL - CCN - NMUH referral form.pdf [pdf] 763KB

Email referral form to



Meet our team

Nursing Team:

  • Anne Biggs – Matron for the Childrens Community Nursing Team, Clinical Nurse Specialists and the BCYP Hospital @ Home Team.
  • Rosana Da Silva – CCN Team Leader & Community Nurse (with extensive experience in Paediatric Nursing)
  • Roshni Barber – Community Nurse (with extensive experience in Paediatric Nursing)
  • Arlene Clarke - Community Nurse (with extensive experience in Paediatric Nursing)
  • Yasmin Almond - Community Nurse (with extensive experience in Paediatric Nursing)
  • Danielle Gordon - Community Nurse (with extensive experience in Paediatric Nursing)
  • Antoinette Fisher – Senior Health Care Support Worker


Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 

09:00 – 17:00