Our Clinical Strategy

Clinical Strategy front coverOur Clinical Strategy sets out our plans for how our clinical teams and services will develop and grow to meet the needs of the local people who rely on them. It builds on Our Forward View , published last year, and has been developed by staff and stakeholders.  

At the core of the our clinical strategy is a new model of care which details how specific key services will develop and our commitments to quality and improvement that we aim to achieve. We will extend the care we provide beyond the confines of the hospital wherever possible in the community and we’ll also aim to integrate our clinical services with other services that meet the needs of our population, such as debt and housing advice.

Our strategy focuses on keeping people healthy and that every encounter the North Mid has with patients reduces health inequalities by focussing on key improvements such as stopping smoking, reducing alcohol use and obesity. The strategy looks at the five top clinical areas that local people most rely on us to provide:

  • children and young people
  • maternity services
  • cancer care
  • urgent and emergency care
  • planned or elective care.

Our vision and our commitment to our communities is to enable people to live well for longer, to live independently and to enjoy the place where they live.