About our community stroke rehabilitation service in Enfield

We provide care to people who have recently suffered a stroke and are being discharged from inpatient care.

We consist of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and rehabilitation assistants, and work closely with colleagues from the voluntary sector to provide support for life skills, stroke navigation and social integration.

What we offer

  • Enable medically stable patients to be discharged early from the Hyper Acute Stroke Units (HASU)
  • Provide community stroke rehabilitation in or close to home
  • Support stroke patients to achieve a good quality of life, maximise independence, well- being and reduce mortality and long-term disability.

This service is delivered from a number of locations including patients’ homes, workplaces, clinics and community venues such as nursing homes and residential care.

Who the service is for

Working closely with both the acute and the voluntary sectors, this service accepts referrals from Enfield residents who are over 18 years old registered with a GP, who have recently suffered a stroke and are being discharged from inpatient stroke services.

Refer a patient

Referrals to the community stroke rehabilitation service can be from any of the following:

  •     Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) e.g.  University College London Hospitals
  •     Local  stroke units i.e. North Middlesex & Barnet Hospitals Acute  Stroke Units
  •     Other secondary care inpatient rehabilitation i.e.Chase Farm Hospital
  •     Self/carer referral from patients who have previously received an episode of care
  •     GP referral

Email: beh-tr.AdultCommunityTherapiesAdmin@nhs.net