Legal Services Department

The Legal Services Department manages a wide range of legal matters for the Trust.

These include:

  • All clinical/non-clinical claims brought against the Trust concerning patients;
  • Inquests;
  • Court of Protection proceedings;
  • Child Protection proceedings involving Trust witnesses;
  • Medical records and statement requests from Solicitors where the requests relate to claims against the Trust or proceedings in which the Trust is involved;
  • Advisory service to clinicians on Trust matters only.

Useful Contact Information – Requests for Records/Information

For solicitors seeking information or records in relation to:

  • Any claim or potentially intended claim against the Trust;
  • In connection with any proceedings or contemplated proceedings mentioned above involving the Trust

Please send your request to

If you are an individual or member of a Police Force seeking a copy of your medical records or, please send your request to 

Access to any other type of recorded information held within the Trust should be requested under the Freedom of Information provisions via the email