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ABC Parents teach 200 students life-support training to mark Restart a Heart Day

Hundreds of local school children were taught life saving support training from North Mid's award-winning ABC Parents team to mark European Restart a Heart Day earlier this month.

It was an incredibly busy month for the team as they delivered eight sessions across three local schools teaching 200 primary school children and ten teachers.

North Middlesex University Hospital’s expert resuscitation practitioner Belinda Okyere and the Abc parents showed the techniques used to save someone’s life following a cardiac arrest and received incredible feedback from every session.

All students completed the full CPR training and received certificates of attendance with one pupil saying "I cant wait to go home and teach my mum, dad, brothers and sisters" and one primary school booking the training for every teacher.

ABC Parents and pupils

Alongside this month's school sessions, ABC Parents have continued running the parent education programme, which gives new parents, with little or no knowledge of child health, the confidence to care for their child’s common illnesses as well as provide lifesaving skills.

Over 100 families have completed the programme, benefiting from free advice and support on basic life support (BLS), illness recognition, choking, allergy, and injury first aid, and vaccination education.

Belinda Okyere, the nursing lead for the programme, said: "It was great visiting schools in our local community teaching children and staff such important and valuable training.

"Everyone should learn how to restart a heart as you will never know when your skills and prompt action can save someone's life.

"Alongside this, we also run our regular sessions for parents and carers from Enfield and Haringey. If you haven't been or heard about our community outreach sessions, workshops and courses, then head to www.northmid.nhs.uk/abcparents  or contact us at northmid.abcparents@nhs.net or 07977 076097."

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