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Historic joint celebration for #TeamNorthMid nurses and midwives held

For the first time at North Mid, the nurses and midwives’ celebration event was celebrated together for the first time ever this year. Traditionally observed separately, International Nurses Day on 12 May and International Midwives Day on 5 May were combined as both dates fell on a Sunday, making it an ideal moment to honour our vital healthcare professionals simultaneously.

nmc   The celebration kicked off on Wednesday 15 May in the Conference Room at Cedar House at St. Michael’s Hospital.

nmc This event focused on recognising the dedication and contributions of nurses and midwives within the local community. The atmosphere was filled with appreciation and camaraderie as colleagues shared their experiences and achievements.

nmc  Continuing the festivities, a second event was held on-site at North Mid on Thursday 16 Mayin the Lecture Theatre. This gathering provided an opportunity for on-site staff to come together and celebrate their invaluable work. Both events featured speeches from key healthcare leaders, an exciting quiz show, and a chance for staff to connect and reflect on their vital roles in the healthcare system.

nmc These joint celebrations not only marked a historic first but also underscored the essential roles that nurses and midwives play in delivering compassionate and effective healthcare, highlighting their unwavering commitment to patient care.


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