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Hospital visitor guidance - updated 1 January 2022

The infection and transmission rates of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 are exceedingly high, and for this reason, we need to restrict the number of visitors to North Mid to keep patients and staff safe. From Saturday 1 January 2022, visiting will only be allowed for:

  • Patients who are reaching end of life
  • Carers of patients who have a learning disability or mental health needs
  • Parents of children under 18 who are inpatients
  • Birthing partners
  • Parents whose babies are in the neonatal unit

The nurse in charge or matron will be able to advise on whether your relative or friend can receive a visit because of one of these reasons.

Wherever possible, we will continue to honour visits which have been booked for today, and the senior nurse or matron will advise you about your booking.

We have arranged for additional iPads and tablets to be available to support virtual visiting, and will help patients and families to use these to speak with each other.

We realise that visitor restrictions are hard for patients and families and friends, and limiting visiting is not a decision we take lightly. This is an essential step to help us keep patients, staff and our local community as safe as possible and to continue to be able to provide safe healthcare for local people.

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