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Tottenham talent step up to learn life-saving skills

It was time to get hearts pumping on Restart a Heart Day 2021 as nurses, doctors and parent health champions from North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust dropped into Craig Park Youth Centre to teach Steppaz students, teachers and parents the life-saving skill of how to ‘restart a heart’.

The special session, on Saturday 16 October 2021, was put on by North Mid resuscitation practitioner Belinda Okyere, working with Steppaz founder and managing director Stacey McKnight, and North Mid matron – and Tottenham resident – Sucad Yousuf.

North Mid has worked with Steppaz previously in support of International Nurses Day, when the Steppaz team told us that one of their top wishes was to learn how to perform CPR, or ‘cardio-pulmonary resuscitation’. So when the North Mid team started to plan for this year’s Restart A Heart Day, it was a natural choice to see if the Steppaz team would be willing to take part.

Steppaz founder and managing director Stacey said:

“We’re really proud of all of our young dancers and the support they show for North Mid. Restart a Heart day is a great opportunity to teach our students and their parents the importance of CPR, and we want to encourage all young people to learn these lifesaving skills.”

While Steppaz members are no strangers to energetic workouts, the North Mid trainers got the students’ blood pumping as they took them through the steps of what to do if you need to give someone CPR.

No matter how big or little your hands are, you can save someone’s life

Explaining why she’s so passionate about teaching CPR, resuscitation practitioner, lead for ABC parents*, and newly-appointed Chief Nurse Fellow, Belinda said:

“No matter how big or little your hands are, you can save someone’s life. This was made clear to more people than ever before during the Euro 2020 football tournament earlier this year, when Danish player and former Spurs star Christian Eriksen collapsed, and survived because he was given CPR by a fast-thinking – and trained! – team mate.”

North Mid's future nurses and midwives

North Mid Chief Nurse Sarah Hayes said:

“World Restart a Heart Day is a fantastic opportunity to spread awareness on how to respond to a cardiac arrest. We’re really delighted to be able to provide training to the Steppaz dance group and their parents, and to share this knowledge within the local community. We’re hoping that this training inspires some of these young dancers to go on to become our future nurses and midwives here at North Mid.”

Download our playlist of tracks that give you a strong beat to practise your CPR rhythm to at https://bit.ly/NorthMidCPRtracks

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