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Transforming Healing Spaces: Revitalizing a Psycho-Oncology Therapy Room with North Mid Charity and Macmillan's Support

North Mid Charity helps with Macmillan refurbishment of Psycho-Oncology room at North Mid

Cancer is a formidable adversary, both physically and emotionally, affecting millions of lives worldwide. Beyond the physical treatments and medications, the emotional toll cancer takes on patients cannot be underestimated. Talking therapy plays a crucial role in helping cancer patients navigate the complex emotional landscape of their journey.

In a heart-warming gesture of support, Macmillan, a leading cancer support charity, recently provided a generous grant to North Mid Charity to refurbish a psycho-oncology therapy room, creating a warm and welcoming environment for those seeking solace, understanding, and healing.

Dr Nunzio Mosca (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) said:

"We are so grateful to Macmillan for the support grant and to the North Mid Charity for helping to facilitate the use of the grant. Every patient and staff member that has seen the transformation of the room has commented on how inviting, warm and welcoming the room is now.  It’s definitely a more appropriate space for the talking therapy that we offer in Oncology now. "

Having seen the refurbishment of the room, one patient commented:

“The room is lovely. I would say – even though it’s an office – it doesn’t feel like that now. I think that helps, because it feels more comfortable. The pictures on the wall, the plants, the coffee table… the word I would use is ‘warm’. And homely. The warm lighting also brings a sense of calm. It feels nice and I think it was needed, because where the office is – in the radiotherapy department – it reminded me of my treatment coming here and brought it all back. But now, when I get in the room, it helps me forget.” 

Another patient and service user explained:

“I love it. It’s very comfortable, it’s like a room in my house. I’m not feeling like I’m in a place to have ‘treatment’, but instead it’s like talking to my friends in my home. I love the plants and I could imagine having a cup of tea here – it’s not like a hospital.”

Referrals to Psycho-Oncology are made through Healthcare Professionals working in the various Oncology Teams.

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