About our palliative care service

The palliative care team offers support to inpatients and outpatients at North Middlesex University Hospital. Inside the hospital we work with medical and surgical teams.  We have strong links to all community services in the area, in particular the local boroughs of Haringey and Enfield.

We provide specialist palliative and end of life care to anyone who has an advanced, progressing and life-limiting illness (this includes patients with both cancer and non-cancer diagnoses). We offer specialist advice for managing pain and other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and fatigue, and provide social, spiritual and emotional support. We can support with Advance Care Planning discussions. We also offer support to families and carers. Referrals can be made at any stage of a patient’s illness.

Our team consists of clinical nurse specialists, a fast track coordinator and consultants in palliative medicine.  We are supported by the hospital’s mental health liaison team and cancer psychologists. We work closely with a range of healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians and hospital chaplains, as well as GPs, district nurses, social workers and hospices. This enable us to help patients and their families or carers to plan for a timely and successful transfer to their preferred place of care.

We are committed to support the hospital teams caring for our patients, and the people important to them, with compassion and in a manner which is respectful of their expressed wishes. This is in line with national guidance, “One Chance to Get it Right” published by the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People in June 2014.

Our outpatient clinic

We run an outpatient clinic once a week at the hospital. For queries about the outpatient clinic or your appointment, please contact the palliative care team on 020-88872475. Referrals can be made to northmid.palliativecare@nhs.net.

Meet our team

  • Thomas O'Connor - clinical nurse specialist team lead
  • Charmaine Pascal - clinical nurse specialist
  • Sheila O’Dwyer - clinical nurse specialist
  • Louise Harris -  clinical nurse specialist
  • Rachael Shirtliff - clinical nurse specialist
  • Claire Hutchinson -  associate clinical nurse specialist
  • Namita Roy - palliative care discharge coordinator


  • Dr Antke Hagena - consultant in palliative medicine
  • Dr Gabi Brogan - consultant in palliative medicine
  • Dr Julie Carter- consultant in palliative medicine
  • Dr David Ward - consultant in palliative medicine
  • Dr Toni Mortimer - consultant in palliative medicine

Administrative support

  • Vanessa Chung - palliative care administrator

Refer a patient

Referrals can be made via 0208 887 2000 to bleep 266.

Referrals will be prioritised based on needs and urgency.