Visiting arrangements during the coronavirus pandemic

In order to protect the health of our patients, staff and local community, we have taken the difficult decision to limit all but essential visiting to our hospital. Currently no visitors are allowed with the exception of:

  • Patients at the end of their life
  • Patients with specific care needs (such as dementia or other disabilities) where this has been agreed with the relevant matron or director of nursing.

In these instances, only one nominated visitor is allowed each day with no option to swap. The maximum duration of the visit is one hour per day. Please come via our main entrance with photo identification. If you have any mobility issues, we are happy to provide assistance while you are making your visit. 

All visitors will be asked about health and coronavirus symptoms before being permitted access into the hospitals, temperature checks will be taken and you will be given a mask to wear througout your visit.

If this visiting policy causes you any worry or extreme concern, please contact our Patient Liaison and Advice Service

Children’s services


Paediatric Day Assessment Unit (PDAU) & Paediatric Assessment Unit

1 nominated parent or guardian over 18yrs may accompany their child

If the child is an inpatient (non COVID) 

2 nominated parents or guardians may visit on alternate days with permission to stay overnight.

The parents or guardians will not be able to visit together unless in exceptional circumstances requested by clinical teams.

If the child is an inpatient and has diagnosed or suspected covid-19

1 nominated parent or guardian to stay with the child and will have to self isolate as per government guidelines.

Having a baby at North Mid

Having your baby
If you're having your first scan (otherwise known as a dating scan) 1 nominated adult can accompany you

If you are having your 20 week antenatal scan

1 nominated adult can accompany you

If you are in labour or having a planned caesarean section (C-section)

1 nominated adult can come with you

If you are booked for an induction of labour, a nominated person can stay with you.

After your birth 1 nominated birth partner during the allocated, once a day 2 hour timeframe whilst on our postnatal ward.

If your child is in neo-natal intensive care

Both parents will be allowed to visit but only 1 parent will be allowed to be present at the baby's cotside

Please use the maternity entrance, located just off Sterling Way, to enter the hospital for the purpose of visiting, if you are having a baby at North Mid.  

Virtual visiting

As we limited face-to-face visiting, we put in place other options to connect our patients and their families:

  • you can request a ‘virtual’ visit via FaceTime, Whatsapp, Skype or Zoom. Please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service to arrange this
  • you can send your loved one a patient message. Please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service to arrange this on 020 8887 3172 or email our PALS team on

If you are a relative of a patient and want more information, please call 020 8887 3172 or email our PALS team on  

We are committed to keeping our patients, staff and local community safe, and our multi-professional ethics panel is currently reviewing this updated guidance before confirming whether we need to make any changes to our currrent visiting arrangments. 

Please check back to this section of our website regularly for latest information and guidance, particulalry before undertaking any visits.

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Dropping off food to our patients

While we provide a wide variety of food for patients, you are welcome to drop off food to your relatives.

Please drop this off at the main entrance of the hospital and arrangements will be made for it to be dropped to your loved one. 

Please note that we are unable to heat food that is delivered.