Car parking at North Mid

The hospital has three car parks and operates an automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) which will identify any vehicle by its number plate as it enters and leaves the hospital car park. You must pay for the full duration of your parking before you exit the car park.

Your route by car to the hospital depends on which car park you want to use:  

  • The main car park entrance is in Bull Lane. It is next to the hospital’s main entrance and next to A&E. The main car park is for A&E, outpatients and all services except maternity unit services. You can reach all parts of the hospital on foot from this car park.
  • The anti-coagulant blood tests clinic car park has only a few short stay parking spaces and is for anti-coagulant clinic users only and for drop off. Its entrance is in Bridport Road. Please note that this car park remains open temporarily and will close in the coming weeks.
  • The multi-storey car park has only one entrance, which is in the westbound approach road (Sterling Way) of the A406 North Circular Road. Level 1 is only for the use of maternity unit service users/visitors. 

We operate an automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) in the main car park which will identify any vehicle as it enters and leaves the hospital car park. You must pay for the full duration of your parking before exiting the car park. Once you have paid, you will have 10 minutes to exit the car park.

The ANPR cameras will identify anyone who has not paid sufficiently to cover their stay.  A parking penalty notice will be automatically generated and sent to the registered vehicle address.

Maternity car park to permanently close by evening of Thursday 30 March 2023

Maternity car park to permanently close by evening of Thursday 30 March 2023

As of the close of play on Thursday 30 March 2023, our maternity car park, which is in front of our maternity building (please see map below) will be permanently closed meaning patients, visitors and staff will not be able to park in that car park.

The car park will be closed so the land can be redeveloped and repurposed for affordable housing in the future by our partners the Greater London Authority (GLA). There are still ongoing conversations with GLA to see if we can use the existing space and will update as soon as possible.

Our newly opened multi-storey car park will more than reprovide the lost spaces lost from our maternity car park and also when the car park near the anti-coagulation unit closes.

Our MSCP has over 400 available car parking spaces and provides a safer and more convenient place to park for colleagues, patients and visitors.

The car park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has 48 disabled bays and 45 additional electric car charging points.

As a reminder, the ground floor has disabled parking and is open to staff, patients, and visitors; maternity patients and visitors to our maternity department can park on the first floor; whilst the second, third and fourth floors are dedicated staff spaces.

Patients, visitors and staff can also continue parking in all other North Mid car parks, including our main car park near our main entrance.

The maternity car park that is closing is marked as red in the map below. Our multi-storey car park is marked as blue.

Car parking map

Car parking charges

Car park charges apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The charges for use of the car park (including VAT) are:

  • Up to 1 hour  -  £2
  • Up to 2 hours - £3
  • Up to 3 hours - £4
  • Up to 4 hours - £5
  • Up to 5 hours - £6
  • Up to 6 hours - £7
  • Up to 8 hours - £8
  • 8-24 hours    - £15

All visitors who park in the main car park and the multi-storey car park can pay by cash, card, phone or the JustPark app.  

If a payment machine isn't working, please use one of the other machines or use other payment options. Failing this, please speak to a member of staff on the information desk at main reception. If payment has been taken but you receive no confirmation of payment, please send an email to, where the team will be able to help.

Visitors who use the anti-coagulant blood tests clinic car park must park in one of the visitors' parking bays. These bays are for clinic patients only, and parking is limited to one hour. You must inform the staff at the anti-coagulation reception of your vehicle registration before you exit the car park, or you may receipt a penalty charge notice.


You can get a receipt at the point of payment but this is only necessary for your own records. Follow the on-screen information to obtain a receipt.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE DRIVERS Please be aware that if parked in a marked EV space, you must pay the amount due for charging your vehicle AND for the amount of time your vehicle has been parked. ELECTRIC VEHICLE DRIVERS See signage throughout the car park for full terms and conditions.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING- How to use a chargepoint -Via the VendElectric App

Download the VendElectric app to your smartphone, 
or visit

Scan the QR code Locate the label near the charging socket and scan the
QR code using your smartphone’s camera. Alternatively
you can enter the socket ID number via the app.

Select a charge
Plug-&-charge chargepoints -Simply Confirm Charge and the charging session will begin (the next point will not apply).
Pay-to-charge chargepoints- Depending on the chargepoint host, the session will either be charged per kWh or per hour.

 Paying for your charge
• Login, register or charge as a guest.
• Secure payment can be made in the app via Opayo using either Visa, Mastercard or JCB.
• On payment confirmation the charge will begin. If you choose to set up an account, this gives you the option to top-up a virtual wallet which makes the     process of activating a charge much quicker.
 NOTE – For security, your charging cable will be locked into the chargepoint when a charging session is active.

End your charge session
You can end charging by one of the following methods:
• Pressing Stop Charge in the app.
• Touch the RFID sensor with the RFID card/fob that was used to start the session.
• Unplug the charging cable from the vehicle.

For more on using a VendElectric chargepoint, see our VendElectric EV Driver App User Guide, or visit

How do I pay?

Visitors to the main car park and maternity unit car park can pay using the machines located inside the maternity unit, A&E, and main hospital reception area. There is also a payment machine just outside the main hospital entrance and exit doors. All machines accept cash, card, coins and notes. Contactless payment is now available.

Pay by phone – Just Park 

You can also use the JustPark pay-by-phone app to pay for parking at North Mid. Download the JustPark app on any Android or iOS smartphone, and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to pay for parking. Payments made through Just Park are subject to a 20 pence booking fee.

If you would like to use JustPark but do not have a smartphone, send an SMS text message with your vehicle registration details to 07400 351254. You will be automatically called back by an automated payment service to take payment.

Please be sure to look for the location ID on the JustPark signage, as this will depend on the car park that you have parked in.

JustPark location ID for Main Visitor and Multi-Storey Car Park: 179047

JustPark location ID for the Evening and Weekend overflow car park: 311797


Please note: RINGO phone services are no longer in operation at this site.

Are you a carer? Benefits for you

Carers' passport benefits

We were the first hospital to introduce a carers' passport scheme for carers who support vulnerable patients while they are in hospital and visit regularly. The passport enables carers to visit outside normal visiting hours and to pay £1 a day for parking. The passport also entitles carers to free drinks while they are on the ward.  

Carers of vulnerable patients who haven't been offered a carer's passport by ward staff, can obtain one by speaking to the ward manager. Carers’ passports are valid for seven days and must be renewed weekly, if the patient is in hospital for longer. 

£1 a day parking for carers' passport holders

To obtain a £1-a-day carers' passport parking ticket, passport holders should first park in the main car park. Then go to the hospital cashier's office (podium, level 0, near the main entrance) to buy a pass for up to seven days. Please take your current carers' passport and car number plate details with you. On receipt of your parking pass, please return to main reception and ask the receptionist to put its details onto the parking system. The process takes a few minutes, so please allow some extra time.    

Blue badge holders

Blue Badge holders - how to obtain free parking

We offer free car parking for Blue Badge holders. Please present your Blue Badge to the the receptionist at the hospital's main entrance, together with your car registration number/s. The process may take a few minutes, so please allow a little extra time. You need to do this the first time each car covered by your Blue Badge scheme parks at the hospital. If your current Blue Badge expires or if you change vehicle/s, you will need to re-register your details at reception. 

Main car park and maternity unit car park: Blue Badge holders who park in either the main car park or maternity unit car park must register your Blue Badge before exiting. 

You will only need to re-register your Blue Badge if it has expired or if you have changed your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

When do I pay for my parking?

Answer: Car parking should now be paid for as you leave the hospital via the payment machines located in the main visitor reception, the maternity unit & A&E. The payment machines are located inside of the units, with one additional payment machine located on the exterior of the main reception.

Can I pay for my parking at any payment machine?

Answer: Yes, all machines will accept payments regardless of which visitor car park you have parked in.

How will the machine know how long I have been parked for?

Answer: All car parking areas are linked to ANPR (Automatic Number plate recognition) cameras, which captures the time your vehicle enters the car park and feeds this information through to the payment machines. All you have to do is enter your VRM (vehicle registration) into the payment machines, check that the time is correct, and pay for your parking using card, contactless, cash or notes. You will then be offered a payment receipt.

I entered my vehicle registration into the machine and it asked me to select how long I had been parked for, why is this?

Answer: The ANPR ANPR (Automatic Number plate recognition) cameras have high accuracy and vehicle capture rates, there will be times when your vehicle registration is not picked up. In this case, please select the amount of hours that you have been parked for, the machine will then inform you of the tariff price you need to pay and you should pay using card, contactless, cash or notes.

Can I pre-pay for parking before my arrival?

Answer: As the car park is now pay on exit, you can only pay for parking as you leave the car park, not on arrival or before arrival. This is to ensure that you only pay for the amount of time you have spent at the Hospital.

Now that the system has changed to pay on exit, will I be charged more for car parking?

Answer: No, the car park has been changed to pay on exit to help support the customer journey, and ensure that you only pay for the length of time spend at NMUH. The tariff prices have not changed and we hope this helps patients & visitors going forward.

Appealing a penalty charge notice (PCN)

If you receive a penalty notice and you wish to dispute it, please follow the appeals process.

On the reverse of each penalty charge notice, there is detailed information about the appeals procedure you must follow to challenge the PCN. You can also visit UK Car Park Management's appeals centre, where you will find all of the information required to submit an online appeal, as well as in writing: