Pay on Exit visitor parking to be introduced

From Monday 12 April, the visitor’s car park will be changing to pay on exit. This means that motorists will be required to pay for parking as they exit the car park, rather than on arrival.

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Car Parking at North Mid

The hospital has three car parks and operates an automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) which will identify any vehicle by its number plate as it enters and leaves the hospital car park. The driver of the vehicle has 15 minutes to pay for parking which must cover the duration of your stay.

Your route by car to the hospital depends on which car park you want to use:  

  • The main car park entrance is in Bull Lane. It is next to the hospital’s main entrance and next to A&E. The main car park is for A&E, outpatients and all services except maternity unit services. All parts of the hospital can be reached on foot from here.
  • The anti-coagulant blood tests clinic car park has only a few short stay parking spaces and is for anti-coagulant clinic users only and for drop off. Its entrance is in Bridport Road. 
  • The maternity unit car park has only one entrance, which is in the westbound approach road (Sterling Way) of the A406 North Circular Road. The maternity unit car park is only for the use of maternity unit service users. 

We operate an automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) in the main car park which will identify any vehicle as it enters and leaves the hospital car park, the driver of the vehicle has 15 minutes to pay for parking which must cover the duration of their stay. The ANPR cameras will identify anyone who has not paid sufficiently to cover their stay.  A parking penalty notice will be automatically generated and sent to the registered vehicle address.

Car parking charges

The charges for use of the car park (including VAT) are:

  • Up to 1 hour  -  £2
  • Up to 2 hours - £3
  • Up to 3 hours - £4
  • Up to 4 hours - £5
  • Up to 5 hours - £6
  • Up to 6 hours - £7
  • Up to 8 hours - £8
  • 8-24 hours    - £15

All visitors who park in the main car park can pay by cash, card, phone or app.  

Visitors who use the maternity car park must use the car parking machines.

If a payment machine isn't working, please use one of the other machines or utilise other payment options. Failing this, please speak to a member of staff on the information desk at main reception. If payment has been taken but your receive no confirmation of payment, call CPM in the first instance on 08454 635050.

Visitors who use the anti-coagulant blood tests clinic car park must park in one of the visitors' parking bays. Parking is limited to one hour. These bays are for clinic patients only. 


A receipt can be obtained at the point of payment but this is only necessary for your own records. Follow the on-screen information to obtain a receipt.


How do I pay?

Pay by phone – Just Park contact numbers are displayed on each payment machine 01453 488020 (location number: 179047). Payments made through Just Park are subject to a 20 pence booking fee.

Please note: RINGO phone services are no longer in operation at this site.

Contactless payment is now available.

Appealing a penalty notice:

If you receive a penalty notice and you wish to dispute it, please follow the appeals process: 

On the reverse of each PCN it outlines in detail the appeals procedure which must be followed if a challenge is to be made. All appeals must be made in writing and sent to:

Payments & Collections


PO Box 3114


BN15 5BR

Every appeal is assessed on an individual basis by a dedicated department to ensure a quick response, within 14 to 28 days. Furthermore if the customer is not satisfied with the response issued by CPM, they then have the opportunity to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS) operated by London Councils. Photographic evidence can be viewed online by visiting

Common reasons why appeals are unlikely to be successful:

  • Your ticket/permit fell down/was blown off the dashboard/on the seat etc
  • Your ticket/permit was not displayed clearly, face up, on the dashboard of your vehicle
  • You forgot to display your ticket/permit
  • You were only a few minutes overdue
  • You only stopped for a few minutes

Appeal refused?

If your appeal has been refused, you have 2 options:

  1. Pay the Parking Charge Notice. If we received your appeal within 14 days of the contravention you will still be eligible for the discounted fee of £60.00
  2. You can appeal to the Independent Appeal Service currently known as Independent Appeals Service (IAS). You will have 28 days from the date of your rejection letter to do this. PLEASE NOTE you should be aware that if your appeal is unsuccessful, you will lose the right to pay at the discount rate, meaning the full fee of £100.00 will apply.

Independent Appeals Service

Each appeal is dealt with by a qualified and practising solicitor or barrister who will consider written representations from the motorist and CPM before deciding whether the charge was lawfully issued. They can only consider the lawfulness of a charge and cannot consider mitigating circumstances.

The Parking Charge Notice will be on hold until a final decision has been made by Independent Appeals Service (IAS). If the decision to allow the appeal has been made by IAS, the PCN will be cancelled, however if your appeal has been refused you will have 14 days to pay the full PCN of £100.

Are you a Carer? Benefits for you

Carers' passport benefits

We were the first hospital to introduce a carers' passport scheme for carers who support vulnerable patients while they are in hospital and visit regularly. The passport enables carers to visit outside normal visiting hours and to pay £1 a day for parking. The passport also entitles carers to free drinks while they are on the ward.  

Carers of vulnerable patients who haven't been offered a carer's passport by ward staff, can obtain one by speaking to the ward manager. Carers’ passports are valid for seven days and must be renewed weekly, if the patient is in hospital for longer. 

£1 a day parking for carers' passport holders

To obtain a £1-a-day carers' passport parking ticket, passport holders should first park in the main car park. Then go to the hospital cashier's office (podium, level 0, near the main entrance) to buy a pass for up to seven days. Please take your current carers' passport and car number plate details with you. On receipt of your parking pass, please return to main reception and ask the receptionist to put its details onto the parking system. The process takes a few minutes, so please allow some extra time.    

Blue badge holders

Blue Badge holders - how to obtain free parking

We offer free car parking for Blue Badge holders. Please present your Blue Badge to the the receptionist at the hospital's main entrance, together with your car registration number/s. The process may take a few minutes, so please allow a little extra time. You need to do this the first time each car covered by your Blue Badge scheme parks at the hospital. If your current Blue Badge expires or if you change vehicle/s, you will need to re-register your details at reception. 

Main car park: Blue Badge holders who park in the main car park are only required to show a Blue Badge on your first visit with each registered vehicle. Your car registration details will then be kept on file. 

Maternity unit car park: Blue Badge holders who park in the maternity car park are not currently required to register the badge, but must display the Blue Badge on the vehicle dashboard.