Working in partnership with us

Our Forward View for 2019-24 articulates the three key aims of:

  • Providing outstanding care for our patients and local people
  • Work with our partners to achieve more than we can individually
  • Support people to stay healthy, as a child, adult and in later life

Working effectively with our partners is really important to us in order to deliver joined up care for our patients and contribute to reducing the health inequalities our communities experience locally.

Some examples of our key existing partnerships are:

  • Active members of Haringey Borough Partnership and Enfield Integrated Care Partnership
  • Partnership working with community services to support discharge planning and promote independence after an inpatient stay
  • Working with public health teams and providers of public health commissioned services to increase our role in keeping people healthy
  • Working with colleagues in the local authorities to bring wider services such as debt, employment and housing advice on site
  • Working with the voluntary sector to enhance services on site such as providing exercise classes for patients on our care of the elderly wards and providing services to support those involved in youth violence
  • Partnerships to support cancer patients with holistic health and wellbeing services
  • Working with other partners to apply for project funding to address health inequalities in our local communities

We are open to exploring new partnerships that support the health and wellbeing of our staff and local communities.