Visiting arrangements

We have eased our visiting restrictions at North Mid in a way that ensures that our patients and staff continue to be safe. Currently, visiting is allowed for:

  • Patients who are being cared for on our wards. Visiting times are anytime between 7am - 8pm and each patient on our wards can have up to two visitors.  
  • Parents of children under 18 who are inpatients (two nominated parents/guardians may visit with permission to stay overnight)
  • Parents whose babies are in the neonatal unit
  • Two people can accompany a patient in our adults A&E department
  • Please use the alcohol hand rub upon arrival and leaving the ward / department
  • You may be asked to wear a surgical face mask in order to enter the ward / department (COVID-19 risk is under constant review).  If you are unable to wear a face mask then we will arrange for you to have a virtual visit.

We ask that visitors do not attend if they are unwell with respiratory symptoms or diarrhoea &/or vomiting

If this visiting policy causes you any worry or extreme concern, please contact our Patient Liaison and Advice Service

Children’s services

children's services visiting policy
Paediatric A&E

We operate a one-parent/one-carer policy in our Paediatric Emergency Department waiting area. This is due to the limited size of the waiting area, and the large volume of children that attend our department. 

A second parent / carer / other family member is welcome to enter the department to be present during their child's clinical assessment and for any clinical discussions regarding their child, but will not be allowed to remain in the waiting area. 

Any exceptions to this policy will be at the discretion of the Nurse in Charge'.

Paediatric Day Assessment Unit (PDAU) & Paediatric Assessment Unit

1 nominated parent or guardian over 18yrs may accompany their child

If the child is an inpatient (non COVID) 

One of the two nominated parents or guardians may alternate between themselves with permission to stay overnight and can be with the child at all times.

The parents or guardians will not be able to visit together unless in exceptional circumstances requested by clinical teams.

If the child is an inpatient and has diagnosed or suspected covid-19

1 nominated parent or guardian to stay with the child and will have to self isolate as per government guidelines.

Neo-natal services


Parents, siblings, grandparents and named family support can visit at anytime 

If anyone else would like to visit, please speak with the nurse in charge

Exceptional circumstances

There are times when visitors may need to attend outside of the normal visiting arrangements, therefore, please speak to the nurse in charge and we will try to support this request as much as possible.

Having a baby at North Mid

Our visiting and accompaniment arrangements for our maternity unit:

  • For all antenatal clinic and ultrasound appointments, 1 nominated adult can accompany you
  • If you are in labour, 2 nominated adults can come with you 
  • If you are having a planned caesarean section (C-section), 1 nominated adult can come with you.
  • If you are booked for an induction of labour, 1 nominated adult can stay with you.
  • After you give birth, 1 nominated birth partner can be with you on the postnatal ward during the 4 hour period allocated each day.
  • If the child is in neo-natal intensive care, we do not have residential facility for parents but invite parents to visit their baby anytime on the unit as per their convenience. In addition to this, we have three parent bedrooms available for parents to stay overnight in preparation for discharge or support.

Partners will need to wear a surgical mask to visit. We will give you a suitable mask at the entrance to the maternity unit. For safety, we continue to socially distance within the maternity department, so please do not bring other children to appointments. For visitors of those having a baby, please use the maternity entrance, located just off Sterling Way. 

Virtual visiting

We have returned to normal visiting arrangements but we can still offer a virtual appointment if you are unable to attend:

If you are a relative of a patient and want more information, please call 020 8887 3172 or email our PALS team on  

Visiting arrangements are under continual review at the Ethics Committee and by the executive team and may change at very short notice. 

Please check back to this section of our website regularly for latest information and guidance.

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Dropping off items and food to our patients


Please drop off any items for your loved one at the main entrance of the hospital. You will be asked to complete a short form so that arrangements can be made for it to be dropped to your loved one. 


While we provide a wide variety of food for patients, you are welcome to drop off food to your relatives.

Please drop this off at the main entrance of the hospital and arrangements will be made for it to be dropped to your loved one. 

Please note that we are unable to heat food that is delivered.